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Flower Spotlight: Lilies

written by Liza Roeser Atwood December 9, 2008

Lilies, also know as “Queen of all flowers,” are one of the best options for wedding blooms. This flower holds special meanings which include purity, innocence, abundance and fruitfulness. This bloom has been associated with godliness and it is the most significant flower symbol for Christians. Dreaming of lilies in spring signifies marriage, happiness and prosperity. Lilies are believed to be one of the first flowers to be cultivated by human civilization, and have existed in gardens about 3000 years ago. This mass flower is an excellent choice for wedding bouquets, table centerpieces and floral arrangements.

There are four types of lilies including the Asiatic, the Oriental, the LA Hybrid and the Trumpet Lilies. Asiatic Lilies feature multiple star-shaped blooms that open upward from the center, while the Oriental lilies are the biggest ones and have the strongest scent. LA Hybrid lilies have blooms that face outward from the center and the Oriental Trumpet Lilies are a type of Oriental Lily with blooms that face nearly 90 degrees outward from the center.


Lilies are available in an ample scheme of colors including creamy white, dark and light orange, lime white, light pink, red, peach, yellow and bicolors. Bicolor Yellow with Red Brushstrokes Oriental Lily


The average stem length for this flower is 20 inches. It will normally have 3 to 5 blooms per stem. All blooms will open, but some will open faster than others. The expected vase life is around 8 days. As always, life expectancy will depend on temperature; cooler temperatures will expand the life of your blooms.

Ideal delivery date:

Lilies should be delivered 4 to 5 days before the event which will give them enough time to bloom up completely.


At FiftyFlowers.com, lilies are available year round from Ecuadorian or Californian partner farms.


Fiftyflowers.com offers two different packages for the Asiatic and LA Hybrid Wholesale Lilies:

· 50 stems

· 100 stems

For the Oriental Wholesale Lilies, Fiftyflowers offers them in two packages as well:

· 40 stems

· 80 stem

The flowers are grouped in ten stem bunches.

Flower Care tips:

Lilies’ stems must be cut at least an inch under running water upon arrival and should be placed in a clean container filled with fresh, cool water. The flowers should be stored in a cool room, away from direct sunlight, excessive heat or drafts. Also, pollen stamens must be removed by pinching them together and pulling them up out of the flower. This prolongs the flower’s life and impedes staining which is hard to remove from clothing.