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Flower spotlight: Roses!

written by Liza Roeser Atwood January 13, 2009

The purest representation of love and beauty, the rose conveys deep, symbolic meanings that have been shared among couples and friends. These meanings were developed during the Victorian era, when bouquets of flowers were used to express message between lovers.

Roses can be found in virtually any color. New varieties of rich and exciting colors are brought to the market each year. Also, as new processes have been developed, tinted roses have become a hit!

Natural roses are available in many different colors such as red, white, cream, yellow, lavender, light pink, hot pink, salmon pink, bicolor white and pink, peach, orange and bicolor yellow red and orange. Novelty roses can also be found which include different colors such as the Cherry Brandy, which features creamy yellow inner petals and a reddish- fuchsia on its outer petals. Rose bouquets

In the tinted section, almost any color combination can be possible. One solid color is also a good choice, as blue, purple, green and black flowers can be found for color minded brides.


These blooms can be found in different stem lengths, ranging from a medium size which is about 15.5 inches, up to 5 feet. They will have one bloom per stem, and the head size will vary depending on the variety. The way the flower opens will also be determined by the variety, having some that will have a 100% bloom aperture such as the Akito white rose, and some that will stay fairly closed such as the Classy red rose.

Ideal delivery date:

Roses should be delivered two or three days before the event.


Roses are available year round. FiftyFlowers.com offers an overnight delivery if the orders are placed by 1pm.


Fiftyflowers.com offers different packaging for its roses. Its packages are 25, 50, 75, 100, 125, 150 and 200 roses. These flowers are also available in convenient DIY Wedding Combos.

Flower care tips:

Once roses are delivered, their stems should be cut under running water and immediately placed in a container previously filled with fresh, cool water. The cardboard covering the roses’ heads should be kept at least 4 hours while the flowers are hydrating. Flowers should be hydrated at least 12 hours before arranging.

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