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Flowers as Cake Toppers

written by Linda Lee Ruzicka December 13, 2017

If you would like an elegant cake topper but something a little different for your wedding cake, have you considered fresh flowers? Some brides who want a less formality, from flowers in their hair to a more natural statement from their cake, may want to think about flowered cake toppers. Flowers can be matched to your wedding colors or the decorations of your reception venue. The choices of flowers are many and varied.


Who do you talk to?

So how do you go about your cake top option? Do you talk to your florist, your baker or both? Actually, you talk to both. You ask the person who’s baking your cake to supply you with a diagram or photo of your cake of choice. This will give your florist something to help calculate the price and volume of the flowers which will be needed.

Next is talking to your floral designer and deciding which flowers you want on your cake. When you add fresh florals, it brings a touch of class and elegance to your cake. Fresh flowers were used as cake toppings for years before the typical wedding figurines became popular. Also, the flowers you use should last from when they’re placed until the cutting of the cake.

Some long-lasting flowers which are beautiful as a cake topper are:

There are many more long-lasting flowers which can be used besides this selection. Talking to your floral designer and asking her input is always helpful. She has the experience and will know what will work together and what won’t.


Planning the details

You can have your florist and your baker of your cake exchange cell phone numbers and contact information. Ask if they can schedule a meeting before the wedding to decide how the cake topper and decorations will be applied. Perhaps your baker will add extra icing where the flower placement will be so the stems won’t touch the cake. Or, the florist can mark on the diagram where she wants to place the flowers and the baker will know where to put the mounds of icing.

Another option is the florist and baker can meet at the reception venue and work on installing the flowers together. Or, the florist can ask the baker to leave a tube of icing for her to use as she places the flowers on the cake.

Many florists have unique holders which are designed for holding flowers on wedding cakes. This way your florist can arrange the cake topper without exposing the flowers to the cake. It is also an added asset when removing the flowers from the cake before cutting it.


If you’d like something different but elegant, a cake topper made with flowers can give you that look. Ask your florist about one today!

Question: Would you use flowers as a cake topper on your wedding cake?

Special thanks to Austin Cope, Alex Klarc, and Jackson Hardy for the images!

Linda Lee Ruzicka had worked as a floral designer for 10 years before becoming a freelance writer for Simply Eloped. She had worked closely with brides, wedding florals, floral decorations for the ceremony and reception.

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