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Freeze Dried Rose Petals 101

written by Thalia August 3, 2017
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Freeze dried petals are in fact real petals and no, they’re not frozen. Don’t let the name fool you! The word “freeze” in freeze dried petals refers to the drying method. The drying method removes the moisture and preserves the petals at their peak. Dried petals and fresh petals look very similar however, the dried petals are a little more delicate. One of the biggest benefits of freeze dried petals is that they can be reused throughout the year if cared for properly. Keep in mind, over time their vibrancy may start to fade. Dried petals are also biodegradable, which makes them perfect for an outdoors ceremony. At FiftyFlowers, we have a large selection of colors to pick from as well as fun and unique color combinations. Other than Roses, we also carry Hydrangea petals too, which can be ordered for delivery well before your event.

The best way to store the petals is in a dark, cool place. Follow the care instructions below to ensure your petals look great on your big day!

Freeze Dried Rose Petal Care Tips:

  • Upon arrival, open the box and inspect the Rose Petals.
  • Remove all bags from the box.
  • Place bags in a cool dry place until ready to use. Freeze Dried Petals DO NOT need to be refrigerated.
  • Open each bag and arrange as desired.

Bonus! Sharing this fun and creative DIY tutorial from Elli Blog. Wedding petal cones can hold your dried (or fresh) petals throughout the ceremony. It’s a stylish and unique way for your guests to hold the petals. Follow their simple tutorial to learn how to make these kraft paper cones!

What you’ll need:

– Kraft Cover Stock

– Scissors

– Double-sided tape

– Burlap Mr. & Mrs. Wedding Labels

– Lace ribbon

Dried flower petals 

First, cut your piece of kraft cover stock into a square. Roll the paper into a cone shape and secure with double-sided tape. Decorate your paper cone with the perfect wedding labels and ribbon, and then fill each cone with dried petals. That’s it! Such a fun and simple idea!

FiftyFlowers - Elli Blog DIY{Source}

Ready to shop for petals? Check out our full selection of dried petals!–by clicking here.

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