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Fresh, beautiful flowers vs Silk Flowers

written by Liza Roeser Atwood August 24, 2009

Times are constantly changing in various aspects of our lives; technology,     economy, medicine, and even weddings. Traditional weddings have moved to more informal celebrations of two people’s union together in honor of their new beginning. More and more brides are researching DIY and even fresh flowers are being replaced by silk. There are advantages and disadvantages to our every changing world and remember to weigh the pro’s of using fresh flowers from Fiftyflowers.com before your purchase silk.

Fresh flowers are always the best to use. Nothing can top the beauty of a natural mini calla, the amazing scent of the grape hyacinth or the texture of a velvety rose petal. It is true that silk flowers won’t die, however, they lack the natural beauty a real flower has. The benefits of fresh flowers include their fragrance, natural beauty, ability to be freeze dried, soft to the touch, and look radiant in photographs. Also, silk flowers are not always cheaper than fresh flowers. Real looking silk flowers can be many times more expensive than a natural flower, especially when you compare them to wholesale bulk real flowers.

Before you make a decision to purchase silk flowers, please take a look at our extensive selection where we have a variety of fresh flowers that will be shipped right to your doorstep. Go to Fiftyflowers.com now!