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Fresh Floral Wedding Garters

written by Sarah Johnson June 7, 2017
FiftyFlowers - Floral Garter

Where did the sexiest parts of weddings go? Don’t get me wrong, modern weddings exemplify the creativity of brides and grooms with stunning visuals, unconventional themes, and extraordinarily unique ideas that both expand and break conventions. Couples willingly stray from traditions to create new and unique ambiences, in order to have their special day be just that: special, like no one else will ever have the same event. But I rarely see adaptation on one of my favorite, sultry parts of the wedding: the garter removal ceremony!

Stemming back to ancient traditions, the removal of the garter functions like a bridal bouquet for the groom. The bride picks a garter to wear just above her knee, usually made from lace. Originally designed to hold up stockings, garters now act as soft-spoken lingerie, hoisted up to the mid-thigh and delicately highlighting soft skin and gentle curves.

Traditionally, during the wedding reception, the bride tosses her bouquet out to all of the eligible bachelorettes in the audience, and the one lucky enough to catch it supposedly gets hitched next. Following this, the bride sits down, and, either with his hands or his teeth, the groom removes the garter from the bride’s leg in front of the audience. Then, just like the bridal toss, the groom tosses the garter to the eligible bachelors in the room, and whomever is lucky enough to catch it has lucky love headed their way. Even if you’re not superstitious, the garter toss is a moment for excitement, laughs, and personalization. And what makes personalization more beautiful and spectacular than ever? Fresh flowers, of course! While fresh flower garters are a new and extremely underground trend, I see an explosive amount of potential. Just take a look at The Garter Girl’s gorgeous designs photographed by Love Knot Photo



This garter series was one of the first (and still one of the only) fresh flower designed garters for weddings. Designer Julianne Smith and a team of florists worked to create the striking new accessory, and we at FiftyFlowers couldn’t be more in love. And, while there may not be many examples out there in the magical realms of Google and Pinterest just yet, there’s still a few tips and tricks we can help you pull until more brides jump on the bandwagon.


  1. Comfort is EVERYTHING.

Keep in mind, garters are worn through all of the ceremony, the cocktail party, and the reception afterwards. Plus, majority of couples make the bouquet and garter tosses occur near the end of the reception, so it’s key that the garter is comfortable and non-distracting.

FiftyFlowers- Floral Garter


  1.   Ribbon and Lace will work best when making floral garters.

Many corsages and flower crowns, which floral garters take much inspiration from, are made from wire bases attached to ribbon or lace to tie them together. However, hot glue will be your friend when it comes to garters–after all, wires poking into soft skin is never comfortable, and, as stated above, comfort is everything! Hot glue your fresh flowers onto just ribbon or lace for a beautiful and comfy fit.

FiftyFlowers - Rustic Floral Garter


  1.   Small, small, SMALL flowers!

The bigger the flowers, the bigger problems you will have keeping the garter in position just above your knee. Big flowers are heavy, and will make your garter droop down your leg throughout the day. To avoid this, the smaller of flowers, the better. For example, in the set above, the florists used ranunculus, brunia balls, wax flowers, and occasionally dusty miller greenery. Keep to this trend and use smaller flowers!


FiftyFlowers - Anemones



Whether it’s for bridesmaids or the bride herself, these floral garters make an exquisite addition to the wedding attire of today, and I hope all of your DIY brides out there send in some pictures of what you manage to create!