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Fruit and Floral Centerpiece Ideas

written by Marina June 9, 2017
FiftyFlowers - Florals and Fruits

Backyard party season is just around the corner! Looking to add a little flare to your outdoor party this summer? I’ll let you in on a secret, using fruit in your floral centerpieces will create a warm summer vibrancy to your backyard. There are many ways to incorporate various types of fruit— from melons to lemons! These fruits add a unique accent that reminds everyone of summertime fun.


Sources: Pineapple and proteaCheerful lemon arrangement, Limes and hydrangeas centerpiece, Colorful watermelon arrangement

Not only does fruit lend itself to a summer aesthetic, but it can also accentuate the attributes of your flowers through color choice. A super fun and easy way to do this is by lining your vase with citrus slices. Grapefruits, limes, lemons, or oranges will all work to create a pop in decor! The easiest way to do this is by placing a slightly smaller vase within the primary one to keep everything in place.



But wait! This is not the only way to use citrus fruits! Another way is by incorporating halves of the fruits into the bouquet itself. It is a subtle yet elegant way to highlight colors  (and add to the possible food selection?). To accomplish this look all you need are some skewers and halved fruit. After you piece them together, voila, they are beautiful components to integrate into your arrangement.

FiftyFlowers - Citrus Arrangement


Citrus fruits aside, melons and pineapples make amazing vases for another fruity touch to your backyard bash. Making these vases is simple; all you need to do is hollow out the fruit and place either wet floral foam or a vase inside the hollowed fruit. A makeshift vase like a plastic water bottle also fits well into the fruit. Don’t be afraid to get creative! Check out this super cool how-to tutorial from Be Spoke Bride

FiftyFlowers - pineapple-collage


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