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130+ Types of Flowers for Wedding Bouquets

written by Thalia Basulto September 30, 2018
Flower Type Breakdown - FiftyFlowers

When it comes to creating a bouquet or floral arrangement, the possibilities are limitless. There are more than 130 types of flowers to choose from, all of which fall into four groups: focal flowers, filler flowers, greenery or line flowers.

Flowers from each group come together to form a bouquet that is both stunning and structurally sound. Focal flowers draw the eye while line flowers add height, filler flowers fill in any gaps and greenery supports the entire bouquet.

Keep reading to learn more about fillers, greens, focal flower and line flowers, or skip straight ahead to our comprehensive list of all flower types.

Focal Flowers

FiftyFlowers - Flower Type Breakdown

Focal flowers are what stand out the most in an arrangement. Your eye will immediately be drawn to them. Focal flowers are typically the largest flower in your bouquet and feature a single bloom per stem. Popular focal flowers include:

Filler Flowers

FiftyFlowers - Flower Type Breakdown

As the name suggests, filler flowers fill out your bouquet and make it look full and lush. Filler flowers feature stems with clusters of flowers or multiple blooms. Popular filler flowers include:


FiftyFlowers - Flower Type Breakdown

Greenery puts the finishing touch on your flower arrangement. Greens not only give the proper enhancement to your final arrangement, but most importantly they can give the needed structural support to your arrangement. Popular types of greenery include:

Line Flowers

FiftyFlowers - Flower Type Breakdown

Line flowers are tall flowers with multiple blooms per stem. Line flowers define the shape of an arrangement and, of course, can add height. Popular line flowers include:

Flower Types in Action

Wondering how all these types of flowers come together to create the perfect bouquet? Here’s an example of the various flower types in action in this romantic cascading bouquet.

  • Focal flowers: dahlias, lisianthus and roses
  • Line flowers: veronicas
  • Greenery: silver dollars
  • Filler Flowers: astilbes

FiftyFlowers - Flower Type Breakdown


Love this bouquet? Check out all of our bouquet breakdowns on the blog and our Pinterest board! If you’ve found an arrangement that you need broken down to try and recreate yourself, reach out to us at 1-877-507-6737 and we’ll be more than happy to help you!

Floral Glossary: 130+ Types of Flowers

Now that you’re familiar with types of flowers that make up a bouquet, let’s break it down by bloom. Here are more than 130 flower types to choose from as you design your dream bouquet.

  1. Ageratum
  2. Air Plants
  3. Allium
  4. Alstroemeria
  5. Amaranthus
  6. Amaryllis
  7. Anemone
  8. Anthurium
  9. Artichokes
  10. Asclepia
  11. Asters
  12. Astilbe
  13. Astrantia
  14. Baby’s Breath
  15. Bells of Ireland
  16. Berries
  17. Bird of Paradise
  18. Bouvardia
  19. Branches
  20. Buddleia
  21. Calla Lilies
  22. Campanulas
  23. Carnations
  24. Cat Tails
  25. Celosia
  26. Clematis
  27. Cornflower
  28. Cosmos
  29. Craspedia Billy Balls
  30. Daffodils
  31. Dahlias
  32. Daisies
  33. Delphinium
  34. Dianthus
  35. Dusty Miller
  36. Eremurus
  37. Eucalyptus
  38. Feverfew
  39. Fiddlehead Fern
  40. Forget Me Not
  41. Foxglove
  42. Freesia
  43. Gaillardia
  44. Garden Roses
  45. Gardenia
  46. Garlands
  47. Gerberas
  48. Gladiolus
  49. Godetias
  50. Gomphrena
  51. Heather
  52. Hellebores
  53. Holly
  54. Hyacinth
  55. Hydrangea Petals
  56. Hydrangeas
  57. Hypericum Berry
  58. Iris
  59. Italian Ruscus
  60. Ivy
  61. Kalanchoe
  62. Kale
  63. Kangaroo Paw
  64. Lace
  65. Larkspur
  66. Lavender
  67. Leatherleaf Fern
  68. Leis
  69. Leyland Cedar
  70. Liatris
  71. Lilac
  72. Lilies
  73. Lily of the Valley
  74. Limonium
  75. Lisianthus
  76. Matsumoto
  77. Monkey Face Orchid
  78. Monkshood
  79. Moss
  80. Moth Orchid
  81. Mums
  82. Myrtle
  83. Narcissus
  84. Nerines
  85. Nigella
  86. Orchids
  87. Parrot Flower
  88. Passion Flower
  89. Peonies
  90. Peruvian Lilies
  91. Petals
  92. Phlox
  93. Pods
  94. Poms
  95. Protea
  96. Protea Pinwheel
  97. Queen Anne’s Lace
  98. Ranunculus
  99. Rice Flower
  100. Roses
  101. Safflower
  102. Scabiosa
  103. Sedum
  104. Snapdragon
  105. Solidago
  106. Solomio
  107. Spider Mums
  108. Spray Roses
  109. Star Flower
  110. Star of Bethlehem
  111. Statice
  112. Stephanotis
  113. Stock
  114. Straw Flower
  115. Succulents
  116. Sunflowers
  117. Sweet Peas
  118. Sword Fern
  119. Thistle
  120. Trachelium
  121. Tuberose
  122. Tulips
  123. Tweedia
  124. Variegated Pittosporum
  125. Veronica
  126. Viburnum
  127. Voodoo Lily
  128. Wax Flower
  129. Xerographica Tillandsia
  130. Yarrow
  131. Zinnia

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