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Gorgeous Rainbow Roses!

written by Liza Roeser Atwood August 25, 2009

Can you think of a more vibrant way to add color to your wedding, company get together, or school function than Rainbow Roses? Have you ever looked at a rainbow and stood there in awe at its beauty? Warm colors such as red/oranges stimulate your body into action while cooler colors such as blue/violet are very soothing and calming.

Colors fuel all kinds of emotions that can lift your spirit or create an environment that is serene and peaceful.

Blue – spirituality and peace
Yellow – wisdom and clarity
Red – strength, energy, and security
Orange – creativity and sense of balance
Green – harmony and health

At Fiftyflowers.com, you can purchase fresh flowers in rainbow colors. Even better, you can choose your own colors. We offer packages of 50, 75, 125, 150, and 200, with the option to select up to 5 colors on each rose. These flowers represent a unique statement. Customizing the shade of your rose is a fun way to put a little “you” on each flower. Place your order online now at Fiftyflowers.com.

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