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Great flowers for hair decoration.

written by liza August 19, 2008


Flowers are great accessories for a bride, especially if they are in their hair. Most of the times, they will provide a very romantic look, which is simple yet elegant. Flowers used as a hair decoration can be incorporated into any style or arrangement, although they usually will match other wedding flowers in terms of color, flower type and style. They can also range from a single bloom to larger numbers, and they can be used in place of the veil or to complement the look if a veil will be used.



Choosing adequate flowers for hair decoration can be a little tricky. Important factors such as if it is an indoor or outdoor event, time of the day,  location and weather can play a big impact on how the flower will look throughout the affair.  A good idea is to count with hearty flowers that will last nicely during the day, no matter the conditions they are put in. Such flowers include asters, baby’s breath, carnations, daisies, poms, freesias, hypericum berries, lilies, peruvian lilies, matsumotos, spiders and mums, spray roses, mini sunflowers and statice.  If, however, the bride decides to go with flowers that wilt quickly such as gardenias or dahlias, she will want to have extra flowers kept in a cold room so that she can change them when the ones being used start looking tired.


The bride has to make sure that the flowers are properly hydrated and wired before they are used for hair decoration. This will allow the blooms to be manipulated easily until the desired style is reached without losing their form or beauty.  Some ways that the flowers can be used to decorate the hair or veil during their wedding day include: a single flower, large or small, a chain of flowers added to an elegant braid and a garland of flowers, atop your crown, that mirrors the colors of the men’s boutonnieres just to name a few.


When deciding on which flowers to use to decorate their hair, brides have to be very careful because they will compliment their style and, of course, add a fresh, graceful look.

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