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written by admin December 1, 2006

Natural green flowers do exist. They are an exclusive gift from Mother Nature. Most green flowers are pale light green. Very few green flowers come in darker or brighter shades. These shades are usually achieved through professional method of tinting or dying. Although such flowers may be beautiful, the recipient may be disappointed if expecting a natural green flower. To help with your search for natural green flowers, we are providing you with the following descriptions of naturally green flowers.

One of the most popular green flowers on the market today is the green Cymbidium Orchid. This durable and fragrant flower has become a wedding flower must. Orchids have long been considered a sexy and alluring flower, and brides across the nation are incorporating this beauty into their wedding bouquets and table centerpieces. Other green flowers in high demand include the Calla Lily and Gerbera Daisy. The Green Goddess Calla Lily is a wonderful flower with a bloom similar in color to the stem. This flower is often used alongside other colors for a contrasting effect. Equally beautiful is the Green Gerbera Daisy, which most often is available in shades of light dusty green. As we all know, the Rose is a traditional yet very popular flower that never goes out of style. Several varieties are available in stunning shades of light green. Looking to steer away from tradition? Check out the various shades of green Hydrangea. These large-headed blooms help fill out arrangements while adding gorgeous color. An assortment of green hydrangea are available, include shades of baby green, kiwi and lime. Antique green hydrangeas often feature shades of green accented with either light pink or red.

As for adding just a splash of green, Carnations are making a comeback. These ruffled flowers are no longer exclusively for Mother’s Day. They are great as wedding flowers, ideal for special events such as St. Patrick’s Day, and are also perfect as a gift for someone special in your life. Other green flowers include the Lisianthus, Dendrobium Orchid, Chrysanthemums and Poms. The dusty green lisianthus adds beautiful splashes of romantic charm to arrangements while the green dendrobium orchid adds incomparable style. Chrysanthemums and Poms are also available in green. The green Anastasia Spider Mum is a full flower with many elongated petals that would make a memorable addition to any arrangement. For a less dramatic effect, try the smaller mini button pom. This flower is available in attractive shades of brighter green.

To add a hint of green, incorporate natural green filler flowers. Hypericum Berries are increasing in recognition. These flowers feature several small berries per stem, and its shades of green are what one might consider a true green. Couple them next to beautiful red flowers for an attractive Christmas flower arrangement. Another green filler flower is Bupleurum. This delicate flower contains small clusters of yellowish green flowers set against larger smooth leaves. It adds an elegant touch to bouquets and centerpieces. Finally, Bells of Ireland are amazing green flowers that can serve as fillers or stand alone. Also known as Molucella, Bells of Ireland is the perfect green flower for tall arrangements.

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Sonia Sundberg July 21, 2010 at 5:40 am

Thanks so much! I’ve been researching green flowers to use as decorations for our son’s wedding rehearsal dinner centerpieces. All other websites just want to sell me something. This website is helpful to educate me on what’s out there! Great! I’ll return here when it’s time to plan flowers for my daughter’s wedding next summer!


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