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Groom Life: DIY Wedding Projects To Save You Money

written by Jon Huston October 10, 2018
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Be creative and save money with these fun and fabulous do-it-yourself wedding projects!

There is a massive industry built upon selling you high-priced accessories for your Wedding Day. But you can avoid much of the cost and show much more creativity with some fun DIY projects instead. Since you were able to nail your wedding proposal like a champion, your bride is hopefully already impressed with your efforts. Now is the time to flex your creative muscle and thrifty economic sense to really shine!



You’ll want to think of a unique way to notify all your family and friends of your big event. And you’ll need to be sure they save-the-date for your event also. Many couples do this with one mailed card. If you have some creative skill, the sky’s the limit! You can find all sorts of creative ideas online, so offer your assistance or take some initiative and make something special.



wedding invitation

Similar to Announcements, but far more formal, Invitations are the official notification to guests that they are invited to your event – and confirmation that it’s still planned for the announced date. There are more options than we can begin to count here, but one trend is that the invitations tend to convey the theme of the wedding. If it’s a formal affair, a more formal invitation works best. If it’s casual, well, you get the picture. Once you’ve decided on a theme, surf around Pinterest and Etsy to find great inspiration for DIY invitation projects. You may even find a design that matches one you thought you needed to purchase.



In the age of the internet, almost every couple is expected to have a personalized wedding website. The major pros for using a wedding website are that you can easily link to your wedding registries, as well as having a convenient place for RSVPs. You can find wedding sites for free at many large wedding resources online, but you can also invest in a domain name and web templates for an even more custom option. The financial and tech investment is up to you.



Wedding Flowers are an incredible way to save lots of money on your wedding day. Florists tend to charge a premium for their service while giving you more limitations. On the other hand, a site like FiftyFlowers offers thousands of flowers for sale at wholesale prices, plus lots of inspiration and wedding resources to help guide you in designing your own bouquets and arrangements. We may be partial, but we highly recommend doing your wedding flowers yourself for maximum personality and minimum cost.



Finding a way to display where everyone sits at your event can be both, fun and painful. It’s stressful determining where everyone will sit, but finding a clever and creative way for everyone to find their name then navigate to their seat without creating a mess can be complex. Given that every venue is different, it’s pretty hard to find a premade version of this. We suggest taking your time and finding ideas online before committing to this project, but it will be well worth it when you start receiving compliments for your creativity.




Photography can be a bit testy. This is an incredibly important day, so you don’t want to risk missing memories or getting sub-par photos. We suggest findings ways to save a bit by including guests in your photography. Offer disposable cameras and request their help snapping pics. Or ask guests to take photos with their phones and share them with a specific hashtag. The point is to find a dynamic way to save on a photographer or videographer by tapping into your guests’ creativity.



Many people love to collect keepsakes and memorable favors from weddings, in fact, it’s often a tradition to provide wedding favors for guests. For our wedding, we created small succulent planters in decorated tin cans and told guests to take them. We’re regularly reminded by friends and family of their succulent when we visit! They’re often still in their small, tin planters. Find a fun way to share your personality with guests and stay in their thoughts with fun memories well after they leave.

As a groom, there are lots of ways you can help out in the wedding planning process, but offering your creativity along with some money savings can really show you care. You don’t have to break the bank to create a storybook wedding that includes all the fun decorations and fancy appeal of more expensive weddings. Do a bit of research online and you’ll find lots of ways to save money and look extravagant all at the same time. We hope you’ll come back to share your creative ideas with us after your event!

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