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Groom Life: Ways To Participate In Wedding Planning (Your Bride Will Thank Us!)

written by Jon Huston September 26, 2018

Here are several ways grooms can do some research, share an opinion, and help out with all the details of planning your wedding day.

Now that you put your marriage proposal plan into action, let’s talk about some ways you can participate in the wedding planning. Wedding planning can be short and painless or long and stressful – and just about every descriptive term in between! It all depends on your goals and your vision for the Big Day. Regardless of what kind of event you’d like to have or how many people you’ll invite, it will take a great deal of thought and effort. The important part is that you lend a helping hand and share your opinions when they’re needed to ensure that it all goes as smoothly as possible and everyone ends up happy in the end.




One of the most difficult but crucial aspects of wedding planning is determining a budget. Plan to save in advance or your proposal, then save even more prior to the event date. And plan to write several sizable checks before and after. Offer your help in outlining the budget, prioritizing the wedding choices that are most important to you, and organizing certain elements of the preparation.



The wedding and reception venues will determine much of the overall vibe of your event. Be sure to choose something fun, inspirational, and memorable for you and your guests. Do some research online and call around to determine pricing and availability. These will be the major factors in making a final decision – and easy headaches for you to save your bride.



The internet provides all sorts of fun options to get inspired and purchase unique, custom stationery for your event. This is a great way to showcase the theme or highlight some recognizable and fun characteristics of the couple. Poke around online and find some fun designs you think represent the two of you and share them. You can always go the DIY Wedding route too!

When it comes time to decorate your wedding space, we’re partial to seeking inspiration from FiftyFlowers! We have literally thousands of different flowers that come in more colors and shades than you can imagine – and they’re super easy to search and navigate through on our website. Seek out some inspiration for flower bouquets and arrangements, as well as table displays, guestbook layouts, seating charts, and other ways to add personalized flair to your event. Get creative and impress your future spouse!



As strange as it may seem, all your friends and family want and expect to get you gifts to celebrate your wedded bliss. If you can take some stress off your partner’s back by surfing around Amazon for things you want to start marriage off right, why not do it?! This sounds like a no-brainer – and you can use it as an excuse to shop for Groomsmen gifts and other fun stuff too.



I left people off my wedding guest list. You will too. You’ll inevitably feel bad that you intentionally left someone off your list, and you’ll feel even worse when you unintentionally leave out a great, old friend. This is almost unavoidable considering that you and your bride-to-be are combining lists of your favorite family and friends from an entire lifetime and narrowing down from there. If you really want to help, prepare your list of preferred guests and prepare to be flexible. For bonus points, create a diagram of the reception space and tables, and start the process of assigning seats!



Much of your food choice will be determined by the venue and catering selection, so pay attention to the menu in advance and choose wisely. Some weddings require choosing your meal with RSVP then provide seated dinner service, while others simply host all-you-can-eat buffets. Offer your input and choose to your taste, but be considerate of who will be in attendance and what their preferences may be.

Drinks come in many forms. Open bars are expensive, but so is buying cases of wine. Maybe you want everyone to pay for their own booze. Or maybe you don’t want anyone to drink at all. You know the crowd and you know your budget so plan accordingly.

EXPERT TIP: Keep who’s drinking and who’s not in mind when you’re making your seating chart.



Think your marriage is official right after the priest says, “You may now kiss the bride!”? WRONG! There are many legal requirements following marriage – and many of them fall to the bride if she plans to change her name. Be helpful by doing some research on the legal requirements for your state and locality. Your new wife may need to change IDs, credit cards, bills, banking, titles, and more depending on her commitments, so help her get the ball rolling and you may be a hero.

*This is, by no means, limited to women! Nor should it be expected from anyone. This is a large commitment, so be respectful of that.



Consider the type of service you’d like performed and how the officiant will play a role. If you’ll be married in a church, finding an officiant may be simple. If you’re getting married in a small mountain town, it may be more difficult. Depending on your style and the law in your area, a family member or friend may also perform the ceremony. Finding someone with a bit of experience may provide you with some confidence and comfort as you nervously fumble through the ceremony.



The choice of band or DJ will have an impact on the dancing at your reception, so be thoughtful of your guests. We suggest researching online and getting recommendations from the venue. Consider what songs you’ll want to be played during the reception and at various traditional points in the ceremony (first dance, father-daughter dance, etc). Many bands and DJs can also be helpful in MCing the event, which may be valuable to you.



Will you hire a photographer or videographer? Both? Maybe you’ll decide to have your guests snap photos will disposable cameras or share pictures to a specific hashtag on Instagram. Whatever your style and budget, there is a solution to match, so do your homework and find the best option to suit your event. Reserve talented pros as far in advance as possible because they can book fast – and be prepared to pay a deposit.



Show you care by lending your opinions and efforts. Offer your help to create a timeline for the days leading up to your wedding day. When will flowers, cakes, clothes, and other items be ready for pickup? How and when will you transport everything? Where will it all go? It’s important to take care of the details in advance to ensure that everything is in its place when it’s time to walk down the aisle.

Planning a wedding was one of the longest, most complex investments of time and finances I’ve ever made. There was a lot to think about and even more to do. But I’m so grateful for every moment of our celebration and all of the wonderful memories we made with family and friends. It’s likely the last time I’ll have such attention paid to me and the last time I’ll have so many people in one place celebrating my wife and I. It was a day we’ll always remember and we’re very grateful we made the effort we did to make it special as it was. If you invest yourself in the planning, I’m sure you’ll feel the same way.

Stay tuned for our next edition of the Groom Life Series…