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Groom Life: Ways To Participate In Your Wedding Day (Your Bride Will Thank You!)

written by Jon Huston October 3, 2018

Here are several ways grooms can be prepared and lend a hand to make your wedding day amazing.

We’ve covered how to create a unique wedding proposal experience and how you can help with wedding planning, now it’s time to think of ways you can participate on and after your wedding day. This is sure to be one of the most incredible, emotional, and fast-moving days you’ve ever been a part of – and you’ll probably never forget it – so it’s important to be prepared. Here’s our advice for some specific ways to lend a hand.





Weddings bring lots of people together in new and unique settings, so there will inevitably be some people who will need guidance or instructions. Plan some time to help out or assign the duty to a groomsman or usher. No matter what, make sure that everyone is seated where they’re supposed to be and make sure they understand where/when the reception will be (they just want to party!).


Most of us don’t get the opportunity to be the center of attention at a large event very often in our lives. Your bride will be stunning, so you’ll want to look great next to her! This is a great chance to soak in the spotlight for a bit. Just be sure to properly coordinate your color scheme with your bride – with bridesmaids and groomsmen too. Nobody wants to look mismatched at their own wedding! Get a haircut. Take a shower. Look your best. Period.



This can be a very special day to share with close friends. I mean, it’s the last day you’ll ever be a bachelor! We suggest planning their attire and responsibilities very thoughtfully yourself (never trust a groomsman). This is a day you’ll never forget, so it’s great to include them with helpful roles. Just know that you’ll be held responsible for their behavior, so choose wisely! Ask for responsible behavior in advance – but prepare to let go and have a memorable night with your pals!



Wedding Vows can be a wonderful way to share heartfelt feelings with your bride – or they can be an easy opportunity to get extremely nervous and choke-up in front of a crowd. Know yourself and make the effort to choose an option that’s good for the two of you. There are plenty of pre-written vows that express the sentiment of love in far more spectacular language than you may be able to muster in that moment. And remember… Practice, Practice, Practice.



You’re definitely going to be dancing at your wedding reception. It’s a traditional way to celebrate the new bride and groom – and there are often father-daughter and mother-son dances included as well. Be prepared with some dance moves, or, better yet, take a lesson and spend some time practicing before your big day. You’ll feel much more confident showing off in front of all your family and friends.




After the big party, there will still be lots to do. There may even be an event after yours in the same space. You probably spent time to create fun DIY wedding projects, so do your best to keep gifts, guestbooks, keepsakes, and decor organized so they’re easy to gather. This is a great task to assign to a friend or family member. Be sure to keep track of all the pieces to your tuxedo too, as well as souvenirs like programs, seating cards, and other personal touches. Be proactive to save yourself headaches and regret later!



Oh, so many Thank You cards! We had around 150 people at our wedding, and I think I was writing Thank You’s for months! If you can take responsibility for your own stack, your partner will thank you! A short paragraph and a signature may not seem like much, but adding a personal touch and addressing them all pushes it over the top. Take your time. Be thoughtful. Do your part. And be genuinely grateful for the outpouring of support and generosity.



We encourage you to take some time off to enjoy each other and celebrate your wedding. Your Wedding Day will go by very quickly – especially given all the time you spent planning –  so it’s important to take some time to decompress and cherish one another. Time will start flying from here! Society looks at marriage as a positive life event worth celebrating, and many professions will expect you to miss a few days after, so take advantage of the moment.

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If you chip in at the right moments, it will make your wedding day, as well as the days before and after, much easier for you and your new wife. And it certainly doesn’t hurt to start a new marriage off with some bonus points for your effort. There are probably lots of ways to help that we haven’t addressed and your special event will probably have some unique elements, so be aware and communicate clearly so you can have the absolute best wedding day possible!

Stay tuned for our next edition of the Groom Life Series…