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Groom Life: Wedding Flowers, Themes, Colors, And More

written by Jon Huston October 22, 2018

Here’s a handful of wedding details you might not have thought of yet!

So you know all the steps for a great wedding proposal. And you’ve figured out how to help plan your wedding, then take care of everything on your wedding day. But with all the complexities of preparing to get married in general, there are many details that can be overlooked or out of focus. Here are a few additional considerations and information areas that will allow you to help in a more productive way – or maybe you’ll just come out looking like a hero when you catch a missed detail!


Wedding Themes

You may think it’s enough just to spend lots of money and invite all your friends, but the current trend is to establish a theme for your wedding experience. Whether simply emulating the wedding styles of the past for a Vintage or Rustic wedding, or using chic and minimalist designs to convey a Modern aesthetic, wedding themes vary widely and offer a unique way to illustrate your personality as a couple. There are lots of wedding themes to choose from, so familiarize yourself with what speaks to your lifestyle.


Wedding Colors

It’s pretty difficult to portray a specific theme without introducing some great color, and you’ll find lots of shades and combinations to match each style and theme. If you have a bold personality, maybe you want to highlight it with some bright colors. If you prefer a more classic appeal, aim for pastels or traditional colors. The point here is to match your color preferences to the location and theme of your wedding – and do it in a way that makes guests feel warm and welcome. There are even more colors to choose from than styles, so start dreaming of your perfect color combinations today.


Wedding Flowers

One of the best ways to take advantage of the color palette you’ve chosen is by making it shine with wonderful flower selections. Choosing beautiful blooms in a wide variety of color shades, shapes, and volumes that match your theme is a perfect opportunity to share your personality. It’s also a wonderful way to tie a breathtaking natural element into your dream wedding day. Guests love seeing gorgeous and unique flower arrangements, and – for Bride’s – there’s absolutely nothing like making beautiful photo memories with a gorgeous bouquet in hand.

We offer lots of wedding inspirations and flower design tutorials to help, and plenty of wonderful wedding flowers for you to consider.


Wedding Decorations

Another wonderful way to highlight the theme and colors of your wedding event is to fill your wedding ceremony and receptions spaces with excellent decorations to match your wedding party. As you may have already encountered, there is a large industry in place to supply you with small (and large) trinkets in every color you can imagine. Beyond that, it’s important to add personal touches that put the spotlight on you and your bride, reminding all in attendance that they are celebrating the joining of two incredible people they all love. Wondering how to avoid breaking the bank on decorations and other wedding plans, take on some DIY projects to save money!


Wedding Attire + Shoes

Your wedding attire will largely determine the formality and attitude of your event. Combining formal attire with casual decorations and food will leave guests confused while combining casual attire and decorations with fancy food and service or a stuffy venue will leave everyone feeling uncomfortable. Consider the theme and location of your event, as well as who will be in attendance and what their expectations will be, to determine how you’d like to dress for your occasion. The most important part of this step is to communicate these preferences to everyone in attendance, well in advance.

While some of these choices may seem like no-brainers, they can easily be overlooked while focusing on all the other decisions thrust before you during this time. Take a moment to hash out these details up front and it will hopefully save you some time – and stress – in the long run. We hope this advice helps you look your best and stay in harmony with your theme, colors, and partner for the wedding of your dreams.