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Hanging Vase Idea Part One: Lightbulb Planters

written by Marina Strong September 6, 2017
Baby's Breath Lightbulb Display

What better way to showcase your beautiful fresh flowers than by displaying them in hanging vases?! We’ve noticed people are choosing to ditch vases in favor of unconventional flower displays. Whether this is for your home or special event, you’re bound to make a statement! In particular, the lightbulb display has been heavily favored to give a rustic and industrial feel. Today on the blog, I am sharing DIY Projects’ hanging lightbulb planter tutorial. This easy to follow tutorial is inexpensive and doesn’t take long to recreate. Plus, it allows you to repurpose lightbulbs! Check out this fun and unique hanging lightbulb tutorial below.

What You’ll Need:

  • Clear lightbulbs
  • Needle-nose Pliers
  • Twine or fishing line
  • Safety goggles (please don’t hurt your eyes!)
  • Your choice of fresh flowers


How-To Steps:

    1. The bottom of each lightbulb will have a round metal tab. Use your pliers to remove the metal tab.Lightbulb-Step-1
    2. In order to get to the inside of the lightbulb, you will have to remove the black glass piece. To do this, DIY Projects recommends holding the lightbulb at the metal base so that you don’t break the bulb piece. Then, firmly tap the side of your metal pliers (you can use a hammer if you prefer) against the black glass. With a couple of hits, the black glass will break. Turn the lightbulb upside down so all the broken glass falls out.
    3. Hold the lightbulb by the metal base and remove the glass piece that encases the filament. Use the tip of the pliers to gently tap the glass until it breaks. Be careful not to tap too hard.Lightbulb-Step-3
    4. Once the lightbulb is cleared out, it’s time to prep the vase for hanging. Begin by cutting your choice of fishing line or twine to the desired length. Then tie the fishing line (or twine) around the metal base of the bulb. Place your choice of fresh (or dried) flowers and begin to hang them up.HangingLightbulb-10-600x384Baby's Breath Lightbulb Display


Be on the look out for part two! As always, for more DIY inspiration and tutorials, check out our DIY page!