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How To Write The Perfect Wedding Invitation

written by Guest Post July 31, 2017

Congratulations! You’ve set the date for your wedding. Now, you need to write that invitation so your guests will know exactly where the wedding will be held. A good wedding invitation holds a lot of information, and writing one is an art. Here’s how you can write the perfect invite and get it right first try.

Don’t be afraid to break the rules

Like all wedding planning, your invites will be reliant on what you want to include, and what you want to skip. Everyone’s wedding is different, and so your invite will reflect that. Don’t panic if there’s something that isn’t relevant to your wedding on traditional invites.

Give all the details

‘It’s amazing how many wedding invites omit even the basic details’ says writer David Farmer from Academized. ‘Couples forget to include important information, such as the time of the ceremony or even the venue. You need to ensure that you’re including everything when you’re writing your invites.’

Use helpful tools

There’s lot of tools online that will help you get your wedding invitations looking perfect. Here’s a few you can try out yourself:

Canva Wedding Invitations: This tool will help you put an invite together, even if you have no graphic design skills. All you need to do is drag and drop the elements you need.

Boom Essays: It’s important you proofread and edit your invitation before you send them out. This service can do the job for you.

Adobe Spark: This free tool helps you create professional looking wedding invites, without the skills required. It’s perfect for couples on a budget.

State Of Writing: Useful grammar and writing resource to improve writing style.

Essayroo: Are you still unsure how to write your invite? This writing team can help put them together for you.

Vistaprint: This printing service can create professional prints of your invite. This is an affordable service, which will keep those all important costs down.

Essay Services: You need beautiful text to really set your invitations off. The writers here can do this for you.

Be clear who you’re inviting

Wedding guest lists are a contentious subject, and you’ll want to make it clear who you’re actually inviting. This will depend on the people you’re addressing, but usually you’re best ensuring that you write the names of everybody who’s invited. That will make it clear who can actually come. If you’re inviting only one person, but want them to be able to bring a date, writing ‘Name + 1’ will be sufficient.

Include the address

It used to be that full addresses weren’t included on wedding invitations, but these days this has changed. Depending on where you’re holding your ceremony, it may be useful to write in the full address, to help those using GPS systems to get there. You can also include a small map, if that would be helpful.

Wedding and reception cards

If you’re holding your reception in a different venue to the wedding, then you may want to include a separate card for the reception. This will help you include all the information you need to. If they’re at the same venue, then you can simply add ‘Reception to follow’ on the invite.



Be courteous

If your reception won’t include a meal, then it’s polite to make sure your guests know this. Instead of writing ‘followed by a wedding breakfast’, write ‘followed by cocktails’, or similar. This will help guests know what to expect. It’s not mandatory, but it is seen as courteous to do so.

Use these tips to write the perfect wedding invitation, and you’ll know your guests know everything they need to know about your big day.

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