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Ideas for a fall wedding.

written by liza October 16, 2008

Fall weddings are always romantic and glamorous. The color of the trees, the leaves and the sunset makes a fall wedding such a great memory. In this season rich colors and exotic textures are the main hit.

When making your flower arrangements, think of natural objects such as pumpkins, moss, wheat and even pine cones which can be used for a fall season look. You can also mix fresh flowers with dried flowers for a truly special look. Greenery such as curly willow and hypericum berries is also a great way to accent your flower arrangements.

Leonidas roses and sunset rose petals are the perfect complement for your affair. They will provide the elegant look and the scent that make them unique. Also, sunflowers, gerbera daisies, anemones, mokara orchids, celosias and mango mini callas are perfect for a Bride’s bouquet not only because they will add a splash of color to her look, but also because they compliment the theme of a fall wedding very well.

Finally, don’t be afraid to combine colors. Most of the times, when we think of a fall event, we picture orange, yellow and red flowers. But be creative! If you want to incorporate other colors such as white, chocolate or even blue, don’t be afraid to do so! The key is to do it in a subtle way.

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Keira June 8, 2010 at 9:26 am

Hi there, I thought your ideas for a fall wedding were very appropriate. I myself got married on 7th September and wore a red dress and had a red bouquet but the flowers themselves were quite disappointing, I like your inspirations of using natural Fall objects in the arrangements. The light is so special at this time of year and the season so beautiful that the idea of making the most of nature’s bounty is a really good suggestion. Wish I’d have found your web site pre my wedding there is still so much here that can be used in the future, thank you.


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