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Lilac Flower spotlight!

written by Liza Roeser Atwood April 1, 2009

Introduced by the French to Europe, the lilacs first flourished in Turkey, but are now found all over the world. Lilacs are products of a long-living tree, which is why they are also considered as branches or flowers plants. These blooms are best known for the small clusters of grape like flowers and it soft, floral fragrance. A truly spring flower, it is a favorite for this time of the year weddings. Lilac are also are associated with 8 year wedding anniversaries.


Lilacs are primarily found in white and purple. Depending on the weather, some stems may show lavender and Lilac purple flowerpink tones.


One lilac stem will have a single cluster of many smaller flowers, each flower being 5 to 10 mm in diameter. The stem length will vary, but the average is 10 to 18 inches.

Ideal delivery date:

Lilac is shipped in bud form and it will take one to two days for the flower to fully bloom.


Lilacs are very seasonal flower, generally available from January through April.


Fiftyflowers.com offers two convenient packaging options of 50 and 100 stems for this fragrant flower.

Flower care tips:

Lilacs should be cared upon delivery; cutting the stems under running water and placing them in water is imperative. Remember that exposing flowers to warm environments (outside, a hot room, etc) will help the flowers to bloom, and storing your Lilac Flowers in a cooler environment will slow down the opening process. Assure that your Lilac Flowers have sufficient water. The flowers will drink an exceptionally large amount of water upon arrival.