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30+ Summer Wedding Flowers in Season June, July and August

written by Kristi Kellogg February 4, 2019
Summer Wedding Flowers

Looking for summer wedding flowers? There are so any gorgeous, sturdy flowers in full bloom during the summer season (June, July and August). From freesia to lavender, chrysanthemums to peonies, you’ll find so many options to fit your vision and your budget.

List of Summer Wedding Flowers

  1. Anemones
  2. Asters
  3. Button chrysanthemums
  4. Calla lilies
  5. Cattail
  6. Chrysanthemums
  7. Celosia
  8. Cornflower
  9. Cosmos
  10. Coxcomb
  11. Cymbidium orchids
  12. Dahlias
  13. Daisies
  14. Delphinium
  15. Freesia
  16. Geraniums
  17. Gomphrena
  18. Hydrangeas
  19. Iris
  20. Lace cap hydrangeas
  21. Larkspur
  22. Lavender
  23. Monkshood
  24. Peonies
  25. Phalaeonopsis orchids
  26. Queen Anne’s lace
  27. Roses
  28. Shasta daisies
  29. Spider Chrysanthemums
  30. Stock Sunflower
  31. Viburnums
  32. Zinnias

Designing Summer Wedding Bouquets

Orchids are an excellent choice for summer bouquets, not only because they look like summer, but because they can stand up to summer. Tropical flowers like orchids, anthurium and birds of paradise come from the equator, so heat and humidity don’t harm them.

Daisies are one of the cutest and most versatile blooms out there. Bright, peppy and chipper, they’ll bring life to your wedding flowers!

Roses can take center stage during the summer months. Roses thrive in hot, humid weather. They open up to the sun and heat, and handle hot temperatures with grace and dignity.

You can also consider incorporating succulents into your summer wedding bouquets. Succulents grow year round, but are a great choice for summer when temperatures rise. Given that they grown in deserts, it’s no wonder they’re unphased by aggressive weather.

Another option that grows year round but is particularly suited to summer weddings is baby’s breath. The sweet blooms can withstand the pounding sun and bring a lovely rustic feel to any arrangement.

Summer Wedding Flowers on a Budget

If you’re looking for summer wedding flowers that are very budget friendly, consider using button chrysanthemums, cornflower, daisies, larkspur, roses, spider chrysanthemums, stock and sunflower. These beautiful options are on the less expensive side!

On the opposite end of the spectrum, you’ll find more expensive summer flowers, which include zinnias, peonies, orchids, lace cap hydrangeas, cymbidium orchids, dahlias, anemones and celosia. While these options are pricier, you can still use them as focal flowers surrounded by less expensive filler flowers and greenery.

Plus, if you’re designing your own bouquets and arrangements using wholesale wedding flowers, you’ll always come out ahead!

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