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Memorial Day DIY Project

written by Thalia Basulto May 25, 2018

In honor of Memorial Day, we created these patriotic-themed floral arrangements. This DIY project is easy to create, affordable and reusable (maybe not the flowers). Place these on a picnic table to dress up your Memorial Day picnic or display graveside to honor your loved one.  These would also make great party favors for your guests too. Follow the steps below to create your own for the upcoming holiday!

Supplies Needed:
  • Wide mouth Mason Jars
  • Scotch blue painter’s tape
  • Foam brush and small paint brush
  • Craft Smart Acrylic Paint in red, blue, and white
  • Spray paint blue and white
How-To Steps:

Step 1: Begin by spray painting your Mason Jars. We used a basic spray paint with primer, but you can also use acrylic paint. Paint one jar blue and the other two white.


Step 2: To create the red stripes we masked off the area using blue painters tape. The painter’s tape may pull a bit of the white paint off when you take it off. Don’t worry though, this adds to the distressed look. You can also use washi tape, which leaves a cleaner line. Using red acrylic paint, paint in your red stripes between the tape stripes you have made. Allow the paint to dry before removing the tape. You can go back and touch up any smears with white acrylic paint.


Step 3: For the third jar, we created our own star-shaped stencils using cardstock. We recommend using painter’s tape to carefully secure the star where you want them to be. Allow the jars to fully dry before removing the stencils, feel free to use a fine tip paintbrush to touch up any spots you missed or to clean off the edges.


Step 4: Once the jars are fully dry, begin adding your choice of flowers. We used 7 stems of red carnations and 6 stems of white cremons for each jar.


Step 5: Display your flowers with pride!

Since we knew we were going to display our centerpieces outdoors, we chose hardy, wilt-proof flowers. Other hardy flowers include blue thistle, white daisies, red roses, and green hypericum berries. If you chose to have your celebration indoors, some alternative options would be white hydrangeas, red anemones, and blue delphinium.

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