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My Wedding: The Flowers!

written by Marina Strong September 9, 2016
Marina's Bouquet Inspiration

Wow, I seriously can’t believe there are only 21 days until my wedding! I swear four months of my life just disappeared this year, sometime between the 6 – 2 months to go part. Just gone. Well, it’s getting real, and today I want to talk about my favorite part of the wedding planning process, the Flowers! I mean, c’mon, I work for a flower company!

Marina's Bouquet Inspiration

Disclaimer: My order is big, very big, and this is not the norm for a typical DIY Bride! In fact, I would highly advise against it in most cases, but I know exactly what I am getting myself into, I am not easily stressed and I have lots and lots of help!

Working at FiftyFlowers for over 5 years, I definitely knew some of the flowers I wanted to incorporate into my wedding…flowers like Ranunculus, Tulips, Dahlias, Spray Roses and lots of Greenery but even I needed help with “pulling it all together”, adding in the right fillers and determining amounts, so I did what I suggest all of you to do, I set up a phone consult with Violet. Yes, seriously. Violet has a gift for flower arranging and knows exactly what you need to make a look come together. I shared my pinterest boards with her and talked a bit about my style (even though she already knew what look I was going for), just so we could be on the same page. We did a run down of all the arrangements I needed to make and from there she worked her magic! She made some suggestions and I either agreed or didn’t. Don’t worry, she won’t be offended if you don’t like something, this is your day, you need to like your flowers! Then she created a cart for me, along with our wedding flower worksheet, which gave me a general breakdown of how I would be using all the flowers. Take a look at the worksheet we put together below.

Wedding Flower Worksheet - Marina & Danny

In this worksheet, which you can download here, you can fill in the flowers you are interested in along the left hand side and then each arrangement and how many of each arrangement along the top. Then as you start filling in flowers you want to use in each arrangement, the gray area will automatically calculate how many stems you need. Then you can look for the packages we offer on the website and fill in the green column, which will then calculate if you have extras or if you are short! If you are in between package sizes, we always suggest ordering up to account for broken or damaged flowers, and you’d be surprised at the number of places you can throw extra flowers, like the bathrooms or the bar or just filling out the arrangements you already have!

Here are all the flowers I ordered…

Marina's Wedding Flowers


In addition to these flowers and greens, I will also use some local extras, like white sage, peppertree greens and succulents. All things growing in the yards of family and friends!


I can’t wait to share how it all turns out!

To set up your consult with Violet, call us at 1-877-507-6737 or use our Live Chat at FiftyFlowers.com and ask to schedule a consult with Violet! She is available Tuesdays – Thursdays from 11-5 PST.