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Rose Petals: An Endless List of Uses!

written by admin July 29, 2009

In weddings all over the world rose petals have become almost a tradition. The little flower girl throwing petals announcing the bride’s arrival is the most widespread use for them. However, there are many other different uses you can give to your rose petals, not only related to decoration, but also to romance! Here some ideas:

  • Instead of the traditional rice toss at the end of the wedding, you could have rose petals that would give a sweet end to a beautiful ceremony.
  • Cooking is also a potential use for rose petals. In this case, it would be really important to make sure that they have are organic rose petals, which means that no pesticides or preservatives had been used when the roses were being grown.

    For your wedding, you could use them as decoration for the cake or even for the entrees themselves if you are a rose fan!

  • Rose petals have the tendency to float. So if you have a pool or even for the centerpieces themselves you could have some rose petals floating along with some flowers that are good for floating too such as orchids! Fiftyflowers offers loose blooms for the brides willing to experience this creative decoration themselves.
  • Aromatherapy is another area where rose petals have gained popularity. After all the Romantic decorationstress of the wedding arrangements, every bride needs some relaxing time. A bath with lots of rose petals could be a really good way to do it.
  • After the wedding, you could use your rose petals to decorate your honeymoon’s bed. You could try the traditional heart shape or using your imagination for something more creative to give the room a more romantic environment.
  • Decorating tables is also one of the most popular uses for rose petals today. For your wedding, you could have them around the centerpieces to give a more delicate look to your tables. How about a romantic dinner during your honeymoon with your better half with a table covered with some pretty red rose petals?

I am sure you can come up with many more unique ways to use your rose petals. Just a little imagination and you’ll be giving a romantic touch to your life. Fresh rose petals can be found under petals on our website!