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Saving Money On Wedding Flowers

written by admin June 7, 2006
Seasonal Savings on Wedding Flowers

If you’re a bride on a budget, then you’ve come to the right place.  While we can sell you whatever flowers you want, within reason, and you’ll certainly save money because we sell them at wholesale prices, you’ll save even more if you buy them in season.

Shopping seasonal has always been a great way to save money on wedding flowers.  Buying all of your flowers in their season not only makes financial sense but is aesthetically pleasing as well.   Remember, your flowers compliment each other well when they are in season because we are accustomed to seeing them togethat and they please the eye due to this fact.

Here are some flowers that are listed as IN SEASON for Summer Weddings:

Summer Wedding Flowers in Season

  • Alstromeria * orange, pink, yellow and cream, other colors
  • Bells of Ireland * Green * January-October
  • Chrysanthemum * White, Yellow, Orange, Pink, other colors
  • English Lavender * Purple
  • Forget-me-not * Blue
  • Freesia * White, Yellow, Pink, Blue, Purple
  • Gerbera Daisy * Pink, Yellow, Orange, Red, White
  • Hydrangea * White, Blue, Purple, Pink
  • Iris * Purple, Blue, White
  • Larkspur * White, Purple, Blue, Pink
  • Liatris * Pinkish Purple
  • Lily, asiatic * White, Pink, Yellow, Orange
  • Lily, oriental * White, Pink
  • Lisianthus * Purple, White, Pink
  • Matsumoto Asters * Pink, Purple
  • Monte Casino Asters * White, Purple
  • Queen Anne’s Lace * White
  • Snapdragons * Pink, Yellow, Orange, White, Other Colors
  • Solidaster * Yellow
  • Statice * Purple
  • Stephanotis * White
  • Stock * White, Other Colors
  • Sunflower * Yellow
  • Tuberose * White
  • Yarrow * White, Pink, Yellow
  • Zinnia * Red, Orange, Pink

Of course, you can buy the other flowers that are not in season for your summer wedding, but why would you want to?