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Soft Mauve Wedding Accents

written by Thalia August 11, 2017
Mauve Bridesmaid Dresses

The color mauve has been very popular in the fashion industry so it comes as no surprise that it’s just as popular in the wedding industry too. Mauve is probably one of my favorite shades of purple. It’s a pale lavender-lilac color that alludes romance and elegance. It pairs nicely with earthy tones and metallics too! Mauve is one of those colors that fits in no matter the season.  There are so many ways you can incorporate this color into your theme/style and one of the ways is through your wedding flowers! Our Amnesia Lavender Novelty Roses is a go-to pick if you’re planning a garden, vintage or romantic style wedding. This variety of roses are more of a slivery lavender with pale green outer guard petals. Another way you can include this color is through your bridesmaid dresses. I am in love with the mix-and-match bridesmaid dresses trend. Check out some inspiration photos and product recommendations below…

Mauve Color Inspiration

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Products featured: Amnesia Lavender Novelty Roses, Silver Dollar EucalyptusPinky Lavender AstrantiaEnglish Lavender,  Hint of Burgundy Ornamental Artichoke,  and Vintage Purple Mini Calla Lilies.

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