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Spring Green and White Wedding Ideas

written by Marina Strong April 8, 2014

Are you still on the hunt for your perfect color palette? Can’t decide which colors to use…or not use…? Why not opt for a classic combo of Crisp, Fresh, Green and White. It truly is one of my favorite wedding color palettes for Spring, or really anytime of year! Why? Just take a look…

Green and White Wedding Ideas

Green and White Wedding Ideas

{Sources – Green Striped Bridesmaid Dresses, Spring Green Bridal Bouquet, Groomsmen in Green, Apple Place-cards, Candied Apples, Green and White Table Centerpieces, Fly Guy in Green Bow-Tie, Green Bridal Shoes, Clean Green and White Wedding Invites, Green Succulent Cake, Striped Green Straws.}

The key to this color palette…keep it simple and natural. After-all, green is the color of nature, so it should reflect the simple, slightly wild, beauty of your surroundings. You can add interest by using different shades of green to make certain details really pop. Browse wedding flowers in Crisp White or Fresh Green at FiftyFlowers.com. (Top Secret…Four flowers, perfect for this palette, will go on sale tomorrow!…Shhh…)

So, What do you think about this Crisp and Classic Color Palette?


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