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Summertime Peony Paradise – a FiftyFlowers Love Story

written by Violet Baldwin June 15, 2018

Hi, everyone! It’s Violet (FiftyFlowers’ Flower Consultant), and I wanted to share my experience of doing my sister Erin’s wedding flowers. Erin has always loved pinks, corals and orange tones, so when she and Joe got engaged (in June of 2015!), I knew that flowers would play a central part in her wedding – after all, I do work here – and she adores peonies and garden roses. She’d been engaged all of about…3 hours when I called her and asked her, “so, we’re still on for pink/coral/orange/peach tones with maybe a few creamy blush splashes and lots of greenery?”, and that was about 90% of our consultation. (If you’re in the middle of wedding planning, I suggest booking a free consult call with me so we can get all of your flower details sorted out.)

After Joe and Erin got engaged, I did a little watercolor for them as a bit of flower/color palette inspiration – as it turned out, that ended up being their save-the-date card – and at that point, I knew flowers were going to be key. They picked the beautiful Chautauqua Park (the Dining Hall at the park is amazing!) for their ceremony and ended up with a Mother’s Day weekend wedding date. Mother’s Day is THE busiest flower holiday of the year if you are after mixed flowers. We were NOT disappointed, even though there was one box of peonies that was delayed and one that was substituted for a similar variety, it was no worries!

The flowers were delivered to Erin’s house and she had no trouble cutting them and putting them in buckets of water. She said she was amazed at the communication and how well the flowers were packaged and loved getting the text message updates (she’d never got flowers from us before, so it was a totally new experience for her). She also noted that her house “smelled like a perfumery!”

After our family and I got into town, with the aspen tree trellis* my awesome dad & husband built in tow, she dropped the flowers off at our rental house. Happily, we had a big empty garage for me to work in and cool temperatures. *My Pro Tip: Be related to/marry a builder, or at least find someone handy with the tools. Similar trellises can be rented from some rental companies and floral designers, but it will likely add at least $300-500 to your budget, plus delivery charges!

We also used three large (I’d say quite large) arch pieces that were later re-used in different areas at the reception. I used the large caged oasis and after thoroughly soaking them in fresh water, I put them on upside down buckets and began to arrange. The great thing about these is they have flat plastic backs, which make them easily transportable in the back of a car/ SUV, and as you can see here, easy to set on a chair while you are putting them up. Pro Tip: Use zip ties for easy fastening/undoing!

As I listed in our Flower Story,  we made a bunch of arrangements! Erin’s hand-tied organic shaped bouquet featured garden roses, snapdragons, peonies, a stem of hydrangea that was actually heart-shaped, light pink lisianthus, orange tulips, peach stock, white and coral (aka pink salmon) and a nice mix of greenery. Beautiful flowers + gorgeous bride = Happy times for the photographer, Kyle Weaver Photographer.

We also made:

  • 2 bouquets for the moms
  • 2 bridesmaids’ bouquets (Ok, I admit it, I wanted in on the fun, so I made one for me and our baby sister as well!)
  • 2 flower girl bouquets (for our sweet little nieces, Ava and Endora)
  • 2 dog leashes for Cash and Rebel
  • 9 or so buttonholes for the men
  • 9 wrist ties for ladies (These were kept fresh in water tubes with their natural stems until it was time to put them on)

The reception was decorated with lush flower arrangements in clear vases. The vases had a 9 x 6.5-inch diameter opening so we decided to skip the floral foam and use tape instead for structure and support. Pro Tip: Use clear waterproof flower tape, to create a grid over the rim of the vase, this will make arranging a breeze! As you can see, we were left with this relaxed, textural organic look.

As for the sweetheart table, I made this garland using a mix of willow seeded eucalyptus, silver dollar, and plumosa fern by simply wiring them together using paddle wire. We then decorated the garland with a mix of flowers in water tubes. The water tubes kept the flowers hydrated and stayed fresh all night long! We also added a string of battery operated tiny copper lights and a shell garland, woven into it for additional texture and a nod to the fact that we grew up at the beach.

Can’t forget about the cake! I actually gave the venue a bucket of flowers and let them decorate the cake – See? You don’t always have to do everything yourself!

Last but not least, we made 3 mini vases that were used here and there at memory tables and on the fireplace.
All in all, we had a wonderful time doing Erin and Joes’ wedding, and the guests are STILL calling her and giving rave reviews of how gorgeous everything was!
Don’t forget to set up a free consultation with me, or one of our flower consultants!