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Sunflowers for Summer Weddings

written by Thalia June 27, 2017

Today’s inspiration comes from the sunny weather we’re having here in Idaho! Sunflowers are recognized for its vibrant color and its natural beauty. They symbolize loyalty, faith and adoration, which make them the perfect addition to your floral arrangements. If you’re looking for flowers that can withstand the summer heat then look no further. These hardy blooms have a vase life of about 8 days (with proper care). One thing to keep in mind is that Sunflowers are affected by phototropism, meaning that their heads follow the light. With that being said, make sure the arrangement is evenly lit to prevent shifting. We offer several varieties of sunflowers, from traditional yellow with black center Sunflowers to red enhanced Sunflowers, there are plenty to pick from here! You can find the sizes we offer below. Most of the varieties are available year-round so you’re bound to find Sunflowers for your event. Sunflowers look beautiful on their own but pair nicely with flowers such as, Feverfew DaisiesRosesSolidago, Lisianthus and more.

Check out the sizes we offer and cheerful Sunflower inspiration below…

  • Mini Sunflowers have a black center average of 0.75 to 1.5 inches in diameter.
  • Small Sunflowers have a black center average of 1.0 to 1.5 inches in diameter.
  • Medium Sunflowers have a black center average of 1 to 2 inches in diameter.

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If your flowers appear sleepy and thirsty after their journey, it is absolutely NORMAL. Just follow these simple steps and the flowers will bloom delightfully.

  1. Remove flowers from box by cutting any straps. Remove any plastic or paper packaging from each bunch of flowers.
  2. Fill containers with at least 4 inches of fresh, cool water.
  3. Cut stems diagonally approximately at least and inch from bottom under running water with sharp scissors or knife.
  4. Immediately after cutting, place the stems in the prepared water.
  5. Allow flowers at least 4 hours to hydrate well.
  6. Keep flowers away from direct sunlight, drafts or excessive heat.
  7. Change water every 24 hours to keep flowers fresh. Assure that your flowers have sufficient water. The flowers will drink an exceptionally large amount of water upon arrival.


If your Sunflowers still are not opening after 24 hours in water, please contact our flower experts at 1-877 50 ROSES (507-6737), and they will give you some added tips on caring for your Sunflowers.

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