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The Meaning of Flowers

written by Marina Strong October 6, 2011

Ok, I just couldn’t wait, I had to share another feature of our Brides Magazine spread with you today! (Don’t worry, more to come tomorrow!) 🙂

The meanings of flowers has played a role in wedding tradition since Victorian times, when couples in love would send messages to each other using different flowers; each flower had its own special meaning. Today, many Brides use flowers that have a special meaning in their bouquets to represent who they are or what they believe in. Our feature in Brides Magazine gives you 15 beautiful flowers and their meaning. Enjoy!

15 Flowers with Meaning

15 Flowers with Meaning

Some of my favorites include, Asters, meaning patience, Cornflowers, meaning loyalty, Heather, bringing good luck and protection, and Sunflowers, meaning devotion.

Did you or will you include any blooms with special meaning to you on your wedding day?

Thank you to Brides Magazine and Photographer Alison Rosa!

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