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The Perfect Flowers for a Summer Bride: Blooms That Beat the Heat

written by Laurel Nakai May 30, 2018

Summer is the perfect time for a gorgeous outdoor wedding. The kids are out of school, friends and family have time off for vacation, and the weather is warm and beautiful. Anyone who has sat through an outdoor wedding in August though can tell you that it also brings challenges. The heat can be oppressive not just for your guests (make sure everyone stays hydrated!) but for your flowers.

Many flowers lose their luster in the heat and can even get sunburned. Once cut, some begin to wilt in a matter of hours. Flowers can make up a big part of your budget, and the last thing you want is droopy blooms on your big day. While all cut flowers last longer away from extreme conditions, some varieties are much better at handling those hot summer days.

Calla Lilies

Calla lilies are often a favorite choice for summer brides because of their elegance and beauty. Native to South Africa, calla lilies can withstand a wide range of moisture conditions and love full sun. The colored part is actually a leaf structure, and won’t wilt as easily as other flowers with more delicate petals. While the hardiest varieties come in white, you can find them in many colors to fit any occasion. Keep in mind that calla lilies can be poisonous to humans and animals if ingested, so make sure to keep out of reach of young children and pets.

Cymbidium Orchids

Orchids are often seen as high maintenance and fragile. Many varieties require very specific conditions to grow and thrive. However, Cymbidium Orchids are more heat tolerant. These are a favorite for florists and farmers because of their hardy nature and ease to grow so you’ll be able to find them locally in many places in a wide range of colors.

Tip: Try to pick flowers that are in season in your region. They’ll already be used to the climate, and the fresher you can get them, the longer they’ll hold up after being cut and arranged.

Bird of Paradise

This tropical flower is used to extreme heat. They add interest and elegance and are great for summer or tropical-themed arrangements. Alone, or paired in a bouquet, they are always visually stunning and extremely hardy. It’s dazzling orange and electric blue will stay bright and colorful however they are used.


This quintessential summer flower thrives in the warm weather. True to its name, it even follows the sun to soak up extra rays. Most varieties are heat and even drought resistant. Not only do sunflowers bloom in full sun, but they can last up to ten days in a vase. Sunflowers are meant to stand out and will stay bright and sunny through the harshest heat.


Think outside the petal! Succulents offer a unique and modern twist and will outlast any flower. While you see them most commonly in shades of green, they can be found in a number of natural and enhanced colors from bright blue to deep crimson. Since they don’t have actual petals, they can withstand very dry conditions and you won’t have to worry about any wilting.

Tip: for flowers with more delicate petals or those that need lots of moisture (like hydrangeas and peonies), submerge the stems in water-filled centerpieces and use hardier flowers for bouquets and other decorations.

For more ideas check out these flowers! They have a long vase life and are easy to arrange.

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