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Three Ways to Beautify Your Summer Brunch

written by Marina Strong July 5, 2017

Brunch is one of the most versatile dining periods, which can be used to celebrate everything from baby showers, to Mother’s Day, to birthdays! Filled with laughter, champagne, and food there is a certain delicacy that comes to mind with every brunch. So what better way to decorate than with flowers?! Here are some fun DIY tips for adding that cute yet classy feel to your brunch:

1. Rose Petal Ice Cubes

These are absolutely stunning and can be used in a few different ways. Not only do these ice cubes make a beautiful backdrop for your champagne or rosé, but they can also be used in drinks if done correctly. Check out how Miss Buttercup achieved the look!

Here’s what you’ll need: Rose petals (preferably pesticide free) , distilled water (for extra clarity) and an ice tray.

  • If you are using this in drinks please ensure that the petals are pesticide free so toxins are not ingested.
  • Simply place the petals in the ice cube tray and then carefully pour in the water. They are then ready to be placed in the freezer. The ice cubes will come out playful and add a distinct style to your brunch.

FiftyFlowers- DIY-Rose-Petal

2. Teacup Floral Centerpieces!

This is a super cool tutorial from Craftberry Bush that uses vintage teacups to add a little extra flare.

Here’s what you’ll need: Roses, floral foam or chicken wire, your choice of filler flowers, moss, vintage teacups and scissors.

  • Prepare the wire or floral foam to keep the flowers in place. In this tutorial they chose to use chicken wire.
  • Begin by cutting the stems to an appropriate length.
  • Then add in the roses (or your choice of flowers). Carefully insert the stems in the chicken wire.
  • Finish the arrangement by adding in greenery and moss. Both will help fill in the gaps and it will add fullness to your arrangement. And voila you have a fun and beautiful centerpiece!


3. Floating Flower Centerpieces

I know floating flowers can seem cliché at times, but, there is a super easy hack A Beautiful Mess did to prevent the flowers from sinking to the bottom. Check it out…

Here’s what you’ll need: bubble vase, your choice of flowers, bubble wrap and scissors.

    • An array of flowers typically looks best when creating a floating arrangement, so pick the colors that will blend together nicely. Also keep in mind that wider flowers are typically better than longer due to buoyancy.
    • Start by cutting the bubble wrap into small circles. Make sure they are slightly smaller than the heads of your flowers. Then cut a small hole in the center of the circle. This is where the stem will be inserted.
    • Fill vase with water and start arranging the floating blooms. As you can see below, the centerpiece has a simple yet elegant feel!


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