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Top 10 Flowers for Outdoor Weddings

written by Sarah Johnson May 19, 2017

Anybody else as sick of winter as I am? Walking outside first thing this morning, as baby birds chirped pleasantly and sunshine filtered through buds of viridian leaves, left a special impression of delight upon me. The same kind of delight that makes summer weddings extra-special. Whether it’s a destination wedding on a romantic beach in Grenada, or a home-brewed celebration from the comfort of your backyard, being outdoors adds a sense of fullness and light to weddings.

So, in honor of all of you out there getting just as excited for summer as I am, I thought it prudent to share some of the BEST flowers for outdoor weddings! No matter the heat, no matter the salt, and no matter the sunlight, these blooms will work magic for you out in Mother Nature.



Well, let’s get the classic out of the way! Sunflowers seem like an obvious choice for outdoor events, considering they’re the only flowers we actually recommend stay in direct sunlight before your event after you process them. Sunflowers love the light; they relish it, and being apart of your outdoor wedding will be their utter delight if it means just a little bit of light.

FiftyFlowers - Sunflowers

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“Novelty” flowers usually make me a little nauseous, but one look at this gorgeous bloom blew me away. Massive and stand-out, these focal flowers originate from the wilds of South Africa and the blistering heat of the Australian Outback, meaning that they can survive in just about any environment. Protea are also magical in arrangements; each is such a unique flower that you could swear each one was hand-crafted special for you.

FiftyFlowers - Protea

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Succulents/Air Plants

Another strange and unique entry, both succulents and air plants are blooms originating from the deserts of the southern United States, all the way along Central America and into South America–hence their ability to withstand high temperatures and direct sunlight for hours on end. Succulents are very firm and hardy, great for round arrangements and ornate decorations, while air plants have much freer and curvier leaves that create a hypnotic rhythm, also great for ornate arrangements, as well as cascading bouquets.


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One of the most underrated filler flowers, thistle has a fantastic earthy connotation that it adds to any arrangement or bouquet. Originating from Northern Europe all the way through the South Mediterranean coastline, thistle acts more like a weed than a flower in wildlife; once cultivated, just about nothing can halt or stop its growth. The bloom is a hardy, odd looking fellow, with a cone in the center and snowflake-like spikes outwards that add refined details for an earthy and very nature-inspired arrangements.

FiftyFlowers - Thistle

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Also originating from the Mediterranean region, carnations are one of the longest-lasting cut flowers in existence. Whether this is from evolving under the warm coastal sun or from a particular readiness for environmental changes I can’t tell you; what I can promise, however, is that carnations add a dainty and feminine touch to events, while managing to be one of the strongest blooms out there.

FiftyFlowers - Carnations

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Baby’s Breath

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that baby’s breath is on this list, as it not only survives hot conditions, but it also managed to beat changing trends! Back in the 90’s, every florist and their mother filled arrangements with little stems of the flower. Though the trend died down in the 2000’s, baby’s breath is back in the full swing with the new influx of rustic weddings, and ready for the outdoors just as much as you.


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Roses and Spray Roses

Most of our roses are Ecuadorian-grown, meaning they constantly grow and thrive at the center of the world; it’s hot, humid, and roses grow better in these conditions than just about any other. Roses crave sun and heat. They open faster this way, and can handle the temperatures with grace and dignity.


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Tropical plants, such as orchids, anthurium, and birds of paradise, are just that: tropical. They come from the Equator as well, and from that same blend of heat and humidity. Tropicals are often used in contemporary and abnormal arrangements, meaning that your setting will be alight with unique arrangements, as well as the natural world around for an elegant, utterly stunning display.

FiftyFlowers - Tropical

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One of the cutest and most versatile blooms out there, daisies work great for outdoor weddings anywhere for one reason and one alone: they naturally grow in every location across the world except Antarctica. Translation: these may be the “best” flowers to add in for your outdoor arrangements. Bright, peppy, and chipper, these blooms will make your wedding smile under the sun.

FiftyFlowers - Daisies

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And, finally, the biggest trend of 2017! Yes, greenery works phenomenally for outdoor weddings. Without any massive heads or delicate blooms, greens are less likely to wilt, brown, or be harmed by outside conditions. The real appeal, however, is the versatility: we offer nearly 300 different types of greenery, meaning that, no matter where you have your event, there’s several picture-perfect choices there for you. Whether it’s tropical greens chicly strewn over your tables, or lush bouquets bursting with different hues of viridian and sage, greenery will blow your event out of this world.

FiftyFlowers - Greenery

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Of course this list is not extensive by any means, but it’s here to help you get started for your outdoor wedding. Just remember, not every cut flower lasts happily outdoors; when you’re planning your event, pay special attention to the little details, such as sunlight, sand, and time of day, to make your process easier, as well as your flowers happier for the effort.

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