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Top 5 Millennial Wedding Trends

written by Guest Post June 11, 2018

As you may already know, millennials are known for pushing boundaries and breaking out of the traditional molds for adulthood. They take less vacation time, marry later in life, and do not conform to the previous standards of how Millennial and weddings should look.

As a millennial, I’ve celebrated as many friends walked down the aisle in the past few years. While their weddings weren’t “traditional,” I’ve noticed a few trends that are common among my Generation Y friends and family, like the ones listed below.

Unique Engagement Rings

Millennials have grown up seeing the traditional engagement ring (a silver or gold band with a round cut diamond in a solitaire setting) in movies, on TV, and even on our mom’s and grandma’s hands. But now that it’s our turn, we’re switching things up with custom engagement rings.

Whether you want to avoid unconscionable diamond-mining practices, carve your initials into the band, or make a ring out of your baby teeth (it’s happened), this trend turns a typical ring into something truly unique.

Mismatched Bridesmaids

Bridesmaids’ dresses have a reputation for being expensive eyesores that you wear once (and only once) because you’re a great friend. But these days, a bride isn’t so worried about all her girlfriends dressing alike. In fact, many brides are opting for a mismatched look that is more flattering for their friends. Instead of matching down, modern bridesmaids each wear something that compliments their figure in a matching color or wear similar dress styles in different hues.

“Friendly” Officiants

A wedding ceremony offers important roles for many family members and friends. Your bridesmaids, your groomsmen, your flower girls and ring bearers. But many millennial couples are taking it up a notch and asking their friends to officiate their ceremonies.

As non-religious ceremonies become more common (and now that the internet has made getting ordained super easy), this is a nice way to let a loved one play a prominent role in your special day.

Confectionary Creativity

Spend half an hour on Pinterest and you’ll see wedding dessert tables by the (baker’s) dozen. But on a large majority of those tables, there won’t be a cake in sight. Instead, many millennials are flexing their foodie muscles on their wedding day and opting for more unique dessert options.

Instead of (or in addition to) traditional wedding cake, a millennial wedding may include ice cream sundaes, an open “candy bar” (i.e., a table of assorted candies you can grab at will), or a variety of other desserts. The possibilities are endless — and tasty!

Souvenirs with Personal Touches

Party favors have long been a part of the wedding experience. You show up, watch your friends become Mr. and Mrs. (or whatever the case may be), and at the end of the night, you’ll get a bag of candied almonds or a beer koozie with the date written on it.

Millennials, however, are taking this personalized souvenir idea to the next level. In fact, the couple and members of the bridal party may get engraved watches or personalized champagne flutes to mark the occasion. What can we say — we’re extra!

So the next time you head to a wedding with a millennial couple, or once it’s time to plan your own special day, be sure you keep these trends in mind. With a little creativity, you can create a remarkable day that’s anything but ordinary.

Katie McDaniel is a content strategist and freelance writer who writes about party planning, gifting, and travel. In her spare time, she enjoys DIY crafting and reading.

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