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Top 5 Sage Green Eucalyptus

written by Thalia Basulto January 17, 2018
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Here at FiftyFlowers, we’re still pretty excited about Pantone’s Color of the Year, Ultra Violet. This ultra-cool color fits in perfectly in the floral industry. There are so many floral options to choose from! However, Pinterest recently released its annual The 100 report, which showed sage green as the most searched colorway for 2018. Though there aren’t many sage green flower options, there are some really great greenery options, which I’ll go over in this blog post. Sage green is a soft, neutral color that can be used as an accent color. Just like Ultra Violet, this shade is versatile and can be paired with an array of colors. One of my favorite color combinations is peach and sage. It’s a soft color palette that works well for both spring and summer weddings.  Keep scrolling to see some of our favorite sage green eucalyptus! And don’t forget to tell us if you’re team Ultra Violet or team Sage Green in the comments below.

1. Silver Dollar Eucalyptus


Silver dollar eucalyptus is one of the most sought-after greenery! This aromatic filler has rounded leaves, which offers complimentary texture to any arrangement. Its beautiful sage color also contributes to its popularity! It can be used in any arrangement, no matter the size.

2. Gum Drop Eucalyptus


Gum drop eucalyptus is very similar to its family member silver dollar. A versatile greenery such as this can be paired with just about every flower and would also look beautiful with any color palette. Add a few stems of this hardy greenery to soften the look and add appealing texture.

3. Gunnii Eucalyptus


If you’re looking for greenery with smaller leaves then I suggest looking at gunnii eucalyptus. This soft, sage green greenery is extremely hardy and just like the Eucalyptus family, this variety can add incredible texture and dimension to any floral arrangement.

4. True Blue Eucalyptus


For added drama and height, add a few stems of true blue eucalyptus. This filler has slightly larger rounded leaves that run up the lateral stem. If you’re looking to achieve a similar look with smaller leaves, you’re in luck, our Baby Eucalyptus greenery is a great substitute! Both of these varieties can last out of the water and dry beautifully.

 5. Willow Eucalyptus


Willow eucalyptus looks beautiful displayed on its own but it also looks whimsical when paired with other flowers. It has a long and narrow leaf shape, which makes it easy to intertwine in an arrangement.

So are you team Ultra Violet or team Sage Green? Tell us in the comments below! Ready to shop by color? Check out our Wedding Flowers by Color section to start your search!