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Top 5 Wedding Flower Trends of 2006

written by admin March 2, 2006
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Wedding planning shouldn’t always be stressful. When it comes to finding your bridal bouquet, let yourself have a little fun!

This year wedding flowers are all about drama. From bouquets to centerpieces to boutonnieres, the keywords are color, opulence, and sparkle. (According to wedding experts from The Knot)

The top wedding flower trend of 2006 is simply, it’s all about color! Your flowers are a great way to add your flavor to your wedding day. Here are several ways your flowers can fill your wedding day with color.

  • Bright and bold color flowers are a great way to make a statement. They give your wedding day a little extra excitement simply through the decor. Bright colors are especially great for outdoor weddings.
  • Purple flowers are making a comeback this year. Shades such as royal purple and deep lilac are an excellent choice for any 2006 bride.
  • Ever thought about brown? Using brown flowers will add rich warm contrast to your other flowers. Terracotta roses, cosmos, leonidas, and hypericum berries all come in gorgeous brown and chocolate shades. This works great with shades of pink or yellow.
  • Be creative in your flower arrangements. Consider choosing a dramatic color and having an arrangement of various types of flowers in that color.
  • Classic flower colors that are perfect for any wedding include pink, red, green, and blue.

When planning your wedding day remember; it’s all about color and it’s all about you! So have a little fun and make this your day to shine. Choose colors and flowers that make the statement you want to make and you will create a most memorable day that begins the rest of your life.

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