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Trend Alert: Floral Anklets

written by Sarah Johnson May 30, 2017

Boho brides beware!!!!! You may be prone to falling in love with this new trend! Considering your love for flower crowns, I’m not surprised that copycat trends exist. Think about it! The popularity of floral accessories has absolutely skyrocketed since its resurgence in the mid-2010’s. Though they have historically been a popular symbol of love and devotion, the sheer aesthetic value never solidified until the 1960’s made “flower power” a household name. Now, however, flower crowns at weddings have overwhelmed nearly any other accessory trend, with over a third of brides opting to wear one in their wedding.

While a third may not seem like a large number, consider that flower crowns have only been a mainstream trend for about a year or two, give or take half a year. Only a year, and already the wedding scene is completely swarmed with new floral accessory trends trying to catch up to the forceful acclaim of flower crowns. The personal favorite of mine? Floral anklets of course!

While destination weddings and beach weddings have uncovered the secret splendor of these gorgeous accents over the years, Boho brides are starting to catch up with the trend, and the result is spectacular.


Sources: Orange and white floral anklet, Light pink roses with greenery anklet, Burgundy and pink anklet, Pink and orange ranunculus, Greenery anklet, Roses and purple floral anklet.

Traditionally worn on one ankle, floral anklets are chic, dainty, and a delightfully beautiful detail to add at weddings. Most brides choose to wear the anklet without shoes, making the color and the texture of the flowers stand out against bare feet. This adds a very natural look to the bride, like a woodland spirit ornately decorated with posies and blooms. By adding floral accents, brides add a mystifying feminine touch to their attire as well. Flowers around the ankle subtly highlight the soft curves of the leg, as well as make brides look light-footed and airy when walking down the aisle.


Sources: Beach-y raspberry pink anklet, Greenery and berries anklet, Simple floral anklet, Pink and green floral anklets, Roses and baby’s breath bridesmaid anklets, White flowers with greenery anklet.

For brides that particularly enjoy symbolism and want everything in their wedding to have a deeper meaning, floral anklets are also oddly romantic and idealistic. After all, both flower crowns and flower anklets are inspired by the same tradition as another rather important item: the wedding rings! Circles comprise many of the great wedding traditions, as they never end. They are infinite, which can be an extremely sentimental concept. You and your significant other bind yourselves with rings around your fingers, promising to be together in an infinite circle of love for the rest of your lives. Both flower crowns and flower anklets represent the same: eternal love and happiness that is, by nature, infinite and never-ending.



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Floral anklets are a fabulous DIY project as well, both easy and fun to personalize. With that said, flower anklets also have a lovely sense of versatility. Even if your wedding is less nature-oriented and Bohemian in theme, flower accessories can be just as prolific, if not even more striking. Even brides wearing shoes can pull off the dainty and chic effect with grandeur and grace! Or, as another option, floral anklets can be a fabulous alternative to bouquets for bridesmaids. After all, with the right amount of subtlety and the right flowers, anything is possible.