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Types of Bouquets

written by Sarah May 4, 2017

A question I get way too often: Should I know what type of bouquet I want before I order my flowers?

Yes. Yes. YES!!!!!!!

Reality is, multitudes of bouquet types exist, each with their own little quirks and character traits; the key is just finding the one that works best with the ambience you’re trying to create and the story you’re trying to tell.

After all, each bouquet is a story all about you. Here’s a few options to consider for your special day:

Nosegay: Highly traditional and popular, nosegay bouquets are round bouquets consisting of a tight bunch of flowers cut to uniform length and style. The flowers are packed in very tightly, and tied by an accenting fabric wrap or wire. Generally, one focal flower or focal color defines the bouquet. This is a very elegant and classic look; choose this bouquet for a chic and petite indoor wedding that’s more focused on the romance and intimacy of the day.


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Biedermeier: Biedermeier bouquets are round and consist of a tight bunch of uniformly cut flowers wrapped by fabric or wire. However, biedermeier arrangements align the flowers in concentric circles around each other, creating a striped effect on your bouquet. This look should be used for a highly creative and artistic wedding, filled with excitement and eccentric arrangements.

fiftyflowers- beidermeier

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Cascade: Cascade bouquets showcase a literal waterfall of flowers; by using greenery and choice blooms, the bouquet gets a gorgeous tapering effect. The top, where you hold the bouquet, is very full. From here, the bouquet narrows as it falls past your hands, until it gently reaches a narrow endpoint. Cascade bouquets are very lavish. This makes cascades fantastic for very high-end, elegant weddings, as well as more inexpensive garden weddings that have a lovely range of blooms.


Sources: blush and pink bouquet, white and green bouquetburgundy blush bouquetwhite with a pink of pink bouquet, peach and white bouquet


Round or Posy:. Perhaps the most well-known bouquet type, round bouquets are, of course, round in shape, having more flower blooms than greenery and being very harmonized and balanced. Additionally, round bouquets usually showcase one focal flower or color. Round bouquets give you the freedom to use them at just about any event; just make sure the types of flowers and colors you choose match your event!


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Composite: Composite bouquets require a certain level of innovation and thought to perfect. By using a series of buds, petals, and blooms, you can wire together an arrangement that looks like a single, giant flower made from smaller flowers. Composite bouquets give off a very extravagant and sumptuous ambience; use them more for refined, luxurious weddings with a softer color palette.


Sources: coral bouquet, white dahliaivory rosewhite and green composite, lavender rose


Hand-Tied: Hand-tied arrangements look exactly how they sound: a densely packed cluster of flowers is hand-tied together with ribbon, giving the arrangement a casual look from the loose stems. Hand-tied bouquets are ideal for outdoor weddings; use them in Boho Chic events, rustic events, and just about anything with a more humble, inviting, and festive ambience.


Sources: cranberry and orange tones bouquet, white and green bouquetcoral and peach bouquet, protea bouquet, tropical bouquet


Contemporary: In contemporary bouquets, no particular form is mandatory; flowers and greenery stick out at strange angles, creating a highly unique and complex arrangement. Tropicals work fantastic with contemporary bouquets. This very detailed and complex arrangement needs a detailed and complex wedding to fit into; use this type of bouquet if your wedding will be over-the-top with versatile, strange, and unconventional arrangements to show your abstract creativity.


Sources: air plant and succulent bouquet, white and ivory bridal bouquet, rustic twig arrangement, calla lily and dahlia bridal bouquet, calla lily arrangement


Single Stem: Instead of having a flurry of flowers, choosing one gives you a simple and humble appearance. However, don’t think this budget-friendly bouquet is less for it; the quiet accent of a single flower held by a beautiful bride can be a touchingly romantic and sweet look. Often times, it ends up being more gorgeous than traditional bouquets. If you want a simple, elegant, and honest look, this is the bouquet for you.


Sources: protea single stem, blue hydrangea, pink peony bridesmaid, bridesmaid rose, garden rose single stem


Pomander: While this bouquet is traditionally for children and flower girls, pomander bouquets can be a unique, fun, and inspired addition to your wedding. Pomander bouquets feature a round ball of flowers suspended from ribbon or twine, and worn by the wrist. The flowers are also often enhanced with colorful jewels and gems in the bouquet. If you want to use your hands in the ceremony, this style is highly recommended.


Sources: purple pomanderwoodland themed pomanderlavender and green pomander, baby’s breath pomander, pomander with silver ribbon


Presentation: Also called a pageant bouquet, presentation bouquets are traditionally used in competitions like Miss America, but are now a trendy and exciting staple of wedding bouquets. These bouquets can be either simple and chic for an elegant and crisp look, or elaborate and detailed for a lavish and regal look. Either way, this bouquet should fit easily into the crook of the bride’s arm so she can carry it easily.


Sources: wildflower bouquet bridal bouquet, colorful presentation bouquetwhite and blue bridal bouquettropical bouquet, rustic bridal bouquet


No matter what bouquet you pick, just try and make it yours. After all, this is your big day. Find something that tells your story, and captures the atmosphere you want at your wedding. Don’t be afraid to mix-and-match styles, as well. Be unique, have fun, and, most of all, be you!

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