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Upcycle Your Wedding Florals Into Custom Stationery

written by Carrie Zukoski March 2, 2018

Throughout the course of your engagement and wedding planning, you’ve gone to great lengths to make your wedding celebration reflect your unique personalities, family history and most of all, your love story.

Without a doubt, you’ve invested countless hours to choose the perfect venue, menu, entertainment, linens, florals … all of the special touches to make your wedding day a truly personal occasion. But as the party winds down, one question will inevitably cross your mind: what should you do with all of the beautiful bouquets and centerpieces? How can they last beyond this one special day? 

Utilizing the centuries-old craft of artisanal paper making, Floral Expressions by Cast Paper Art has developed an exclusive method of recycling your wedding and event florals into customized, one-of-a-kind stationery. Taking flowers and buds from bouquets, centerpieces and other wedding arrangements, Floral Expressions creates unique, eco-friendly and beautifully handmade papers. Imagine the lasting impression you will leave a stunning, handwritten note, created from your very own wedding flowers. 

“Instead of composting wedding florals, we give couples the opportunity to create a tangible reminder of the happiness and beauty of their wedding day,” Cast Paper Art founder, Steve Deines said. “Our papers can be used for thank-you notes, holiday cards, stationery or future invitations. Recipients will feel the continued magic from the couple’s wedding and be reconnected with that special day.”

With Floral Expressions, you’ll get handcrafted stationery that is truly individualized to your personal wedding day – no two sheets are alike. In addition to being environmentally friendly, Floral Expressions is easy and convenient to use. Each Floral Expressions kit walks you through a simple, four-step process allowing you to turn your wedding florals into distinctive, environmentally friendly and deckle-edged paper that incorporates the memories and joys of the wedding day for years to come. 

Here’s a glimpse of the process…

Couples or planners can simply contact Cast Paper Art to receive a Floral Expressions kit by calling 314-968-6896 or visiting castpaperart.com and follow the enclosed instructions. Your custom notecards will arrive within 10 days, likely before you’re even back from your honeymoon. Prices start as low as $125 for 50 cards and matching envelopes.

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