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{Video} DIY-Friendly Boutonniere

written by Thalia Basulto January 15, 2018
FiftyFlowers - Boutonnieres

 Looking to create your own boutonnieres? We’ll show you how easy it can be using our new Boutonniere and Corsage Floral Supply Kit! This easy to use kit includes 2 packs of white wrap wristlets, 1 pack of corsage magnets, 1 Oasis bunch cutter, 2 rolls of the 1/2 inch floral tape, 1 roll of white or ivory ribbon, 1 spool of floral wire, 1 pack of 2-inch white pins and 1 pint of Floralife Express Universal Floral Food. Literally, everything you need to create professional boutonnieres and corsages. Keep on scrollin’ to see how we used this kit!

Supplies Needed:
How-to Steps:
    1. Gather the flowers you want to use and trim smaller sprigs off any spray flowers and cut longer stems down a bit, not too short though, we will cut more off later.
    2. Remove any extra foliage and wrap each stem with floral tape. Wrapping each stem with floral tape will add support and stability. Tip: if the stems are too thin, bunch 2 or 3 stems together along with a strand of floral wire to create a thicker stem.
    3. Tightly wrap the floral tape by pulling slightly and wrapping downwards around the floral wire and stems. Once you reach the end of the stem/wire, cut off the extra tape.
    4. Once all of your stems are wrapped in floral tape, begin your arrangement. We recommend starting with your focal flower first.
    5. Then work around your focal stem and add in your accent flowers. Once you’re pleased with the way it looks, wrap floral tape around the entire boutonniere.
    6. Finish off the look by using your floral shears to trim to size.  Tip: For a unique touch, add a piece of floral wire, longer than the stems, and wrap with floral tape, then wrap the extra wire around your finger once into a curly-Q shape.



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