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{Video} Moss Madness

written by Katie Schlossberg March 17, 2017


Searching for an easy way to achieve a lush, forest-inspired look for your woodland wedding? Well then look no further! All varieties of Moss are super user-friendly and are ready to go right out of the box, both of which make it an ideal choice for DIYers. Create a simple table runner by laying pieces of Sheet Moss down the center of your table, accented by our Woodland Wedding Sampler, or make small centerpiece clusters with our Mood Moss or Reindeer Moss! Watch the video above or scroll on for a full breakdown of each Moss type.


Sheet Moss - Moss Madness - FiftyFlowers

We carry both dried and fresh Sheet Moss. As the name suggests, Sheet Moss comes out of the box in sheets. Both varieties are easy to work with and are also perfect for an authentic woodland look! The difference between dried and fresh sheet moss is that the dried variety stays together a bit better than the fresh variety. The fresh variety feels as though it was just pulled right out of the forest! Nice and lush and forrest-y.


Mountain Moss - Moss Madness - FiftyFlowers

Mountain Moss is also a dried variety, which is pretty similar to Sheet Moss, though this variety comes in clumps rather than sheets. The color and texture are the main differences between Mountain Moss and Sheet Moss. Mountain Moss has a fern-like feel with large fibers and the color is much lighter.


Peel N Stick Moss - Moss Madness - FiftyFlowers

Peel N Stick comes in both rolls and mats. Each variety has graph paper on the back, which is super helpful when it comes to measuring how much you will need and ensuring that you get nice straight cuts. The adhesive is pretty strong, so be sure to note your exact measurements!


Mood Moss - Moss Madness - FiftyFlowers

Dried Mood Moss is a variety that comes in thick clumps. Mood Moss can be used to easily add height and depth to a centerpiece cluster.


Spanish Moss - Moss Madness - FiftyFlowers

Spanish Moss is very lightweight and comes in long strands. It’s a beautiful grey-green sage color, and would be perfect for draping over an arch or can be added to an arrangement to create a cascading look!


Reindeer Moss - Moss Madness - FiftyFlowers

Reindeer Moss comes in three different shades and it also comes in an assorted pack. This variety comes in small, soft clusters. They have a sponge-y feel and can be pulled apart and reused many times.


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