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Waffle Cone Centerpieces

written by Marina August 2, 2017

What are two things people love? Ice cream and flowers of course! An easy way to add a youthful and fun tone to your party is through waffle cone centerpieces. The cones will make your flowers pop and become the best eye candy at the event. These playful arrangements are perfect for all events and ages— ranging from your child’s birthday to your dad’s 50th! Maybe even a baby shower or Valentines Day? It’s completely up to you! Check out these deliciously fun centerpieces designed by Amy Merrick and photographed by Parker Fitzgerld.



There are a few different ways to accomplish this aesthetic but I find the approach from Tatertots & Jello to be the most practical…

Here’s what you’ll need to recreate these centerpieces:

  1. Grocery store waffle cones
  2. Clear drinking glasses
  3. Flowers of your choice

How-to steps:

  1. Start by trimming the stems about 2-4 inches longer than the glasses you plan on using.
  2. Insert the waffle cones into each glass. Since the cones won’t be able to stand on their own, they look polished in a transparent drinking glass that still lets them show off the unique style!
  3. Place your mini arrangements into each cone.

Tip: If you would like the flowers to last longer you can put water in a plastic bag at the bottom of the cone to keep them hydrated and perky. You can also use water tubes as a hydration method too!

FiftyFlowers - Tatertots & Jello


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