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Wedding Cake Flowers

written by admin October 23, 2006

The ceremony and reception would not be complete without a wedding cake. The first cut is a symbolic tradition of husband and wife sharing their lives together. Coated with elegant white icing and often tiered, wedding cakes usually feature a common decoration, flowers. Yet, are fresh flowers safe to put on wedding cakes?

The answer is no, for several reasons. Most importantly, many fresh flowers are sprayed with pesticides and other chemicals, all of which can be transferred onto the cake, including the icing. Secondly, flowers are living plants to which some guests may have allergies, including unknown allergies and sensitivities. This raises the concern of ‘what if pieces of the flowers fall onto the cake and are ingested?’ Aside from allergic reactions, many flowers are poisonous. So it boils down to this, your guests would rather not see beautiful fresh flowers on the cake than compromise their health.

If you insist on decorating your wedding cake with fresh flowers, there are some tricks at your disposal. First, remember that flower stems should never be inserted directly into the cake! To insert the flower, a non-toxic pick can be attached to the flower’s bloom, replacing its natural stem. Florists and cake designers are familiar with this technique.  Secondly, if your cake is tiered, the flowers may be laid upon each level, without ever coming into contact with the cake. Divider sheets that match the icing separate the flowers from the cake. Thirdly, you can choose a stunning cake design in which flowers are not including directly on the cake. Or, instead use sugar flowers, which can be just as elegant. The fresh flowers can then decorate the cake table and platform. The entire table should be arranged so that the flowers and the wedding cake together attract visual attention.

Remember that safety comes first when using fresh flowers near any food or drink. This includes placing flowers on platters, serving trays, as well as within cocktail beverages. Work with your cake designer and caterer to discuss which flowers you can incorporate in food presentation and which flowers should absolutely be avoided. If you have selected a highly poisonous flower for your bouquets, arrangements and centerpieces, and you want to incorporate it with your food design, you may want to consider purchasing matching silk flowers to use strictly with food and beverage. Your guests will appreciate your attention to detail, and more importantly, your thoughtfulness!

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