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Wedding Day Essentials: What to Include in Your Kit

written by Sydney Miller February 15, 2018

We know that you want your wedding day to go off without a single hiccup, but unfortunately, things pop up that we can’t predict! But even though we can’t predict, what we can do is prepare.

One of the best ways to prepare is by building a bridal emergency kit! This can be a great gift for the bride or a fun project for yourself in prep for saying “I do.” You might be stuck on what to pack in your little treasure chest, so we’ve put together a list of essentials that you should consider.

For the skin

    • Baby powder: Things can get a little sweaty from nerves, excitement and with a lot going on as you get ready to walk down the aisle. Baby powder helps absorb that sweat to keep you dry and fresh.
    • Towelettes: Skin wipes can do the same as baby powder, but do some added cleaning if needed.
    • Sunscreen: If your wedding is outside, definitely pack sunscreen for you and your bridal party.
    • Lotion: Keep your skin glowing with a moisturizing lotion that eliminates dry patches and redness.

For the hair

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    • Hair ties: As you’re dancing the night away, you and your bridesmaids might be ready to toss up your hair.
    • Bobby pins: Make sure you can keep loose curls and strands out of your face with some backup pins.
    • Hairspray: Keep your updo in place throughout the night with some extra sprays of extra hold hair product.

For the face

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    • Makeup remover: Just one smudge can be extremely hard to get off. Prepare with liquid makeup remover or wipes for a quick erase.
    • Eye drops: Combat eye redness from stress or crying with drops.
    • Floss: Every bride needs some food in her stomach before saying “I do” and food can leave something in your teeth.
    • Toothbrush and toothpaste: Be prepared to brush your teeth in case you forget or need to polish your smile.

For the dress

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    • White chalk: Stain sticks can be lifesavers, but there are some stains that even that can’t fix. White chalk is great for a quick cover-up that won’t leave wet blotches on your gown
    • Travel sewing kit: Loose threads, excess fabric or small tears can be handled quickly with a needle, thread and mini scissors.
    • Strapless bra: One of the biggest fit issues with a wedding dress can happen in the bust area. Keep backup undergarments handy and be sure one of them is a nude strapless bra to keep everything in place, including your dress.

For the nerves

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Every moment of preparation will be worth it as you enjoy your big day, so the best thing to do in prep is to enjoy each minute leading up to your walk down the aisle. To stay inspired and up-to-speed on the latest bridal trends, check out the latest on the FiftyFlowers blog!