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What Fits? (Updated)

written by Thalia September 11, 2017

Here at FiftyFlowers we are commonly asked: “how many stems do I need to fill a vase?” We think it all depends on the size and shape of your vessel and what type of blooms you are going to be using. If you are using lots of large blooms, like Hydrangeas or Garden Roses, you won’t need as many stems to fill your vase, whereas, if you are using smaller blooms, like Daisies or Ranunculus, you will need more. We collected 7 commonly used vases to give you all a general idea of how many stems can fit into each vase. We made sure to use every style of flower in these arrangements – greenery, filler flowers, focal flowers, and line flowers, to achieve the fullest look. Each vase includes a recipe to show you how many stems of each type of flower is needed to fill out the vase. Hopefully, this guide can help you calculate how many stems you’ll need for your arrangements. Now, keep on scrollin’ to see what we created using each vase type!

Milk Bottle Vase – 10 ½” tall – 2″ diameter neck – 2 ¾” diameter opening. Total number of stems: 12



Rustic Vase – 7″ tall – 2 ½” diameter opening. Total number of stems: 16

FiftyFlowers - What Fits



Cylinder Vase – 7″ tall – 3″ diameter opening. Total number of stems: 14




Bouquet Vase – 7″ – 2″ diameter neck – 3″ diameter opening. Total number of stems: 18




Square Vase – 7″ – 3 ½” diameter opening. Total number of stems: 19



Mason Jar – 4 ½” tall – 3″ diameter opening. Total number of stems: 10




Ceramic Vase – 6 ½” tall – 5″ diameter opening – 3 ½” at the bottom. Total number of stems: 25




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