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10 Types of Vases for Flowers

written by Marina Strong October 19, 2018
Types of Vases

There are so many types of vases for flowers, and there’s a different way to arrange flowers for each one!

How to arrange the flowers all depends on the size and shape of the vase, as well as the flowers you plan to use.

Here, we’ve rounded up ten of the most popular types of vases, plus everything you’ll need to create an arrangement.

1. Mason Jar

Mason jar

Mason jars are budget-friendly and readily available in a few different sizes. They can be used in a variety of different ways and can fit into different themes too. Mason jars are great for vintage and rustic settings and the loose, unstructured wildflower look.

How to Arrange Flowers in a Mason Jar

You’ll need:

Begin with a stem of spray mums, this variety has larger blooms, which will make a great focal flower. Then weave in two stems feverfew daisies and add in the other mum. Finish the arrangement with solidago and salal greenery to the outside of your arrangement to round out the overall shape.

2. Milk Bottle

Milk vase arrangement

This vintage-style milk bottle has a wide mouth top with a narrow neck. We chose to create a fuller look to really show you what fits in a vase. Whether you’re going to a full and lush look or a simple flower arrangement with three to five large blooms, you can’t go wrong with this vase style!

How to Arrange Flowers in a Milk Bottle

You’ll need:

Start your arrangement with solidago and then surround the stem with three stems of stock. Then begin adding additional stems of these flowers, working around in a circle. Work in the feverfew daisies, Queen Anne’s lace and spray mums around this “core” you’ve created. Finish the arrangement with hydrangeas and sunflowers to the outside of your arrangement to round out the overall shape.

3. Rustic Vase

rustic vase

This is one of our favorite types of vases! These vases have a rounded bottom with a semi-narrow opening. Since the bottom is so wide this style can support top-heavy flowers like hydrangeas, sunflowers, lilies and more.

How to Arrange Flowers in a Rustic Vase

You’ll need:

Use the hydrangea as the focal flower, and then add in your fillers like feverfew, solidago and daisies. Adjust as needed and make sure to weave in the filler flowers to create balance. Then add another stem of hydrangea and begin to add the sunflowers to the outside of your arrangement to round out the overall shape. Finish by adding sprigs of the honey bracelet in various sizes to the bouquet and secure with floral tape.

4. Cylinder Vase

Cylinder vase arrangement

Cylinder vases are affordable and easy to find. Combine different heights of vases for a sophisticated look or use a vase on its own to display your bouquet. This type of vase is ideal for tall flowers like stock and snapdragons. You can also submerge your flowers too. The design options are endless!

How to Arrange Flowers in a Cylinder Vase

You’ll need:

Start with a stem of hydrangea and then add in your stock. Place the second stem of hydrangea on the other side of the arrangement and adjust as needed. Then begin adding additional stems working around in a circle until you have a size you are comfortable with.

5. Bouquet Vase

Bouquet vase

This classic-shaped vase has a flared out opening giving you plenty of room for your flowers. Bouquet vases are usually at least seven inches tall — with the addition of flowers, the overall height of the arrangement can get quite tall. Keep that in mind if you are planning to use bouquet vases for centerpieces — you don’t want people to have to talk around the display. Taller displays suit altar arrangements or at sign-in tables.

How to Arrange Flowers in a Bouquet Vase

You’ll need:

  • 2 stems of Peruvian lilies
  • 2 stems of Solidago
  • 6 stems of salal lemon leaf
  • Begin your bouquet with 3 stems of focal flowers. In this case, we used the three Gerber daisies to begin with. Then add additional stems working around in a circle until you have a size you are comfortable with. Make sure to evenly space the Queen Anne’s lace as well as the solidago and Peruvian lilies to provide some balance. Finish the arrangement by adding sunflowers around the arrangement and balance the color with salal greenery.

    6. Square Vase

    Square vase

    Square vases look beautiful and elegant. They work well for bar areas or as a little accent piece. Arranging flowers in this type of vase can be a little tricky, but creating a grid using tape spanning the wide mouth can keep the flowers upright and in place. This grid will also support top-heavy flowers.

    How to Arrange Flowers in a Square Vase

    You’ll need:

    Begin by greenery the vase with salal lemon leaf. Then add the hydrangea and fill out the rest of the arrangement using stock and mums.

    7. Ceramic Vase

    Ceramic vase arrangement

    If you’re looking for a unique vase to showcase your flowers for a special celebration, or for the home, then you’ll want to take a look at ceramic vases. Ceramic vases come in so many beautiful glaze colors and styles. They especially work well in boho-themed decor. Since the opening of this particular vase is very wide, we recommend using the tape grid method to arrange flowers in order to make things a little easier.

    How to Arrange Flowers in a Ceramic Vase

    You’ll need:

    Use a stem of hydrangea first and then work in the filler flowers. Add another stem of hydrangea and adjust the filler flowers as needed. Finish the arrangement by adding the sunflowers and salal greenery around the arrangement.

    8. Bud Vase

    Bud vases require very little flowers and minimal work. It usually takes about 1-3 flowers, depending on the flower type or style of the bud vase, to fill up a vase. These types of vases for flowers look the best when you combine different shapes and sizes.

    How to Arrange Flowers in a Bud Vase

    You’ll need:

    Trim the flowers at various lengths and then pair a focal flower or filler flower with a sprig of greenery. Arrange each bud vase with different flower types to add texture and color.

    9. Bowl Vase

    Fish bowl vase

    When it comes to picking flowers for a bowl vase it can be a little tricky. Use flowers that can float such as, gerbera daisy blooms or orchids. Or create an arrangement using flowers with a larger bloom like garden roses, chrysanthemums and hydrangeas. Once you have your flowers picked out, make sure to cut the stems to the height of your vase.

    How to Arrange Flowers in a Fish Bowl Vase

    You’ll need:

    Begin by lining the inside of the bowl with lily grass. Then carefully add in the calla lilies, these will naturally curl inside the bowl.

    10. Pedestal Vase

    pedestal vase

    One of the most elegant types of vases for flowers is a pedestal vase. For a glamours look, fill a pedestal vase with delicate flowers like garden roses, rice flower, scabiosa, and anemones. If you arrange in a pedestal vase make sure to use floral foam, this will ensure the flowers remain hydrated and they will also stay in place.

    How to Arrange Flowers in a Pedestal Vase

    You’ll need:

    We’ve made recreating this stylish centerpiece easy! Follow the step-by-step instructions on how to make your own cascading centerpiece.

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