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What Type of Bride Personality Are You?

written by Guest Post July 17, 2017

Each bride is different from the next as everyone has a completely different vision of what her wedding will be like. And to push it further than that, each bride-to-be has a different personality than someone else who is planning their wedding. While each person is different, there are many factors that go into what makes them who they are in general. The special time of planning a wedding can really bring out one’s true colors or can exasperate their values, strengths, and even flaws. Bridal personalities can range, for better or worse, and we are here to help you figure out just what yours is during this joyous time in your life.

Free-spirited bride

Someone who is looking to set the tone as relaxed at her wedding could be described as a more free-spirited bride. From a flow-y dress to natural looking makeup on the big day to making wedding decisions with the groom as part of a partnership, this bridal personality makes everything fun to plan.

Are you a go-with-the-flow kind of bride who is just looking for guests to have fun? Are you more worried about the vibe of your big day than about getting every single detail just right? If you answered yes to these questions, you’re probably a free-spirited kind of gal!  

Lavish bride

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Hey, big spender! If you’re looking to go over the top with every detail of your wedding, you may be more of the lavish type. This bridal personality will accept nothing but the best for her big day, even if means failing to stick to a budget or not even setting one in the first place. Over the top centerpieces, every bell and whistle, and an entire stationery suite are this bride’s dream come true.

Are you willing to spare no expense to make your wedding a day to remember? Are you concerned with finding all the best brands for everything bridal? Are you looking to wow your guests with a fancy, over the top day of luxury? If you answered yes, we have a hunch you are a lavish bride-to-be!

Conservative bride

On the other end of the spectrum we have this bridal personality of someone who is looking to stick to a strict budget. This may mean getting creative with venue options, participating in some DIY for the centerpieces, and doing serious research before booking vendors. There’s nothing wrong with sticking to a budget, and many brides find themselves wanting to stretch each dollar as far as they can when it comes to the big day.

Are you obsessively comparing prices of vendors and negotiating for a better rate where you can? Have you been using Pinterest as your best friend to find ways to DIY costly items instead? Are you limiting yourself financially when choosing things like the dress, photographer, cake, and other wedding day items? If so, your bridal personality may just be conservative!


The dreaded “bridezilla” personality is one that everyone tries to avoid, but unfortunately some just cannot escape its wrath. These are usually over stressed brides that are obsessed with the idea of everything being perfect for their wedding. In this case, it’s a “my way or the highway” kind of attitude that can rub people the wrong way and this bride may just have unrealistic expectations that must be adjusted accordingly.

Are you extremely demanding of your bridesmaids? Is nothing good enough for your big day? Have you had your dress altered again and again but no one can seem to get it right? If you answered yes to these questions, you may be teetering on the line of being a bridezilla. Take a chill pill and remember, everything doesn’t have to be “perfect” for the day to be wonderful!

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No matter what your wedding personality, remember that the planning process leading up to your big day should be fun and exciting. Planning this big event with your fiance, family, and friends should be a memorable and positive experience for all, so make sure to be aware of your personality and how it affects those around you. Since you’re preparing for the biggest day of your life, you want to look back with fond memories of doing so!

Gwen Lewis is a writer and makeup artist based in Southern California. Because of her passion for beauty and health, she hopes to help others not just look great but feel great. She has a secret passion for everything wedding and pet related! When she is not relaxing at the beach, you can find her browsing health stores for hours.

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