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Who Gets Flowers on your Wedding Day?

written by Marina Strong August 21, 2014

Here at FiftyFlowers, we often get the question, “Who should get flowers on my wedding day?” Well, truth is, that is completely up to you! But here are some general guidelines to think about and help you decide…


The Bride (You!) – Carrying a bouquet dates back to ancient times, when brides would carry bouquets of herbs and spices to ward off evil spirits and any bad luck. Later, in the Victorian era, these traditions developed to include flower color meanings, like white representing purity and orange, happiness and fertility. Nowadays, brides often choose bouquets based on their likes or their wedding theme or style. Being a flower company, we think the bridal bouquet is something pretty special…the ultimate accessory for your big day. It should represent you and your wedding!

Bridal Bouquets from FiftyFlowers' Brides

Bridal Bouquets from FiftyFlowers’ Brides

[Sources – Green and White Garden Bouquet, Modern Blue Bouquet, Vintage Succulent Bouquet, Colorful Bridal Bouquet]


The Groom – Most grooms will wear a boutonniere that matches the style or color of the bridal bouquet. While a rose or calla lily is a classic choice, many grooms are getting more creative with their boutonnieres and are wearing something a bit more personal. For a Rustic wedding, try using succulents or a small bunch of greenery. Having a Vintage or Romantic affair? Try a boutonniere of lamb’s ear and a scabiosa pod. Billy Balls have also been a popular choice for grooms recently since they are modern, fun and not “too girly”! The boutonniere should be pinned on his left lapel.

Groom Boutonniere Ideas

Groom Boutonniere Ideas

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The Wedding Party (your Bridesmaids and Groomsmen) – These guys and gals have been with you since who knows when, they are your supporting cast, your crew, your posse… show them they matter with some flowers! Usually your bridesmaids will get smaller versions of your bouquet or something similar. They don’t need to be exactly the same, but they should follow with either the same style or the same color(s). Same goes for your groomsmen. Most say the groomsmen boutonnieres should be a little different, or smaller, than the groom’s bout, but again, should follow the same style and or color.

Bridal Party Flowers

Bridal Party Flowers

[Sources – Purple Bridal Party, Groom’s Party with Succulent Boutonnieres]


Flower Girls or Ring-bearers – There are several options for flower girls… they can carry a mini bouquet, a single stem, they could wear flowers in their hair, or they can toss petals down the aisle, in which case they would have a basket or purse of petals. And for the ring-bearer? A mini boutonniere would be just fine. Oh, and don’t forget the ring pillow or box, which could or could not be decorated with flowers!

Adorable Flower Girls

Adorable Flower Girls

[Sources – Flower Girl with Small Bucket of Flowers, Flower Girls with Mini Bouquets]


Moms and Dads – These are the people that raised you, and you wouldn’t be here without them, so I think they deserve some flowers too! Traditionally the moms would wear a corsage (a bit bigger than a boutonniere, usually 2-3 blooms, and can either be worn around the wrist or pinned on the left lapel) but nowadays, I am seeing more mini bouquets and single flower stems. A mini bouquet can be a smaller version of your bouquet or the bridesmaids bouquets and would consist of about 3-5 stems depending on the flowers. Using a larger focal flower like a peony, hydrangea or garden rose? A single stem wrapped with a ribbon could be the perfect gesture and easy to DIY! The dads will generally receive a boutonniere. These can be different or the same as your groomsmen, but are typically smaller or a bit different than the grooms boutonniere, but, again, they don’t have to be!

Corsages and Bouts for Moms and Dads

Corsages and Bouts for Moms and Dads

[Sources – Moms and Dads at a Beach Wedding


VIP’s – These are other special people in your life or in the wedding. Usually the officiant or any readers will get a corsage or boutonniere, along with any ushers. The grandparents will also normally receive a corsage or bout. After that the rest is up to you! I have seen brides give corsages to each sorority sister as a special acknowledgement, even tho they weren’t a part of the bridal party. I have also seen couples give a boutonniere to every single guest, which is something to consider if you are having a very small, intimate wedding. A super fun idea is to have a boutonniere bar, and let each guest create their own. You would need to supply a few buckets or vases of some flowers (having a few options would work best), ribbon, twine, or floral tape, and some corsage pins or safety pins for them to wear their creations with pride!

VIP's like Officiants and Grandparents

VIP’s like Officiants and Grandparents

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I hope this helps, but remember, it’s your wedding, do what you want and what works for you and your wedding!

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