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Wildflower-Inspired Bridesmaid Bouquet

written by Thalia Basulto February 19, 2018
FiftyFlowers - Bouquet

Spring offers pastel colors, flowers and for some of us, it’s the first sign of warmer weather. The season itself symbolizes new beginnings, growth and rebirth.  The bridesmaid bouquet I am featuring today consisted of fresh feverfew daisies. Its bright yellow centers and its petite size paired so well with the spray roses, which you’ll see below. This arrangement also featured a generous amount of fresh eucalyptus greenery. As for the dress, we chose fun floral print to pair with the arrangement. One of this year’s trends includes printed bridesmaids dresses so we thought what a better time to incorporate this into our overall look. If you’re planning a wildflower or a boho-inspired wedding this arrangement would make a perfect addition! Check out the recipe below along with step-by-step instructions on how to recreate the look!


How-To Steps:

Step 1: Prepare

Prepare your blooms by trimming the ends of the stems and hydrating for at least 12 hours. Spray Roses may need additional prep of removing thorns and any guard petals (the outer 3-5 petals of the rose).

Step 2: Making the Bouquet

Begin your bouquet with 3 stems of your central flowers. In this case, we used one each of the Spray Rose and Feverfew. Then begin adding additional sprigs of Seeded Eucalyptus, working around in a circle until you have a size you are comfortable with. Finish by adding sprigs of the eucalyptus in various sizes to the outside of your bouquet and secure with floral tape.

Step 3: Finishing Touches

Finish the bouquet by wrapping with ribbon, making sure to cover the floral tape but leaving the ends of the bouquet exposed so you can continue to hydrate the flowers before you walk down the aisle! Tie ribbon in a bow or knot to secure, then cut the ribbon to the desired length. Use floral shears to cut stems to an even length.

FiftyFlowers - Bridesmaid Bouquet

(This bouquet was created by a FiftyFlowers team member (a regular DIY-er and not a professional florist).

Thanks to our friends at DIY Weddings Magazine who originally featured this bouquet.

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