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FiftyFlowers is a woman owned company, founded by Liza Roeser in 2003. Liza was first introduced to the flower industry during her work in the Peace Corps in the early 1990s. After completing her work she remained in South America living and working abroad for over 12 years! It was this time and experience that ultimately opened her eyes to the opportunity of shipping wholesale flowers into the US. Liza was able to see the future possibilities and helped bridge the gap between the farms and the floral customer.

Let Your
Creativity Bloom!

We believe that flowers have the power to elevate any day or occasion into an unforgettable sensory experience. Whether you are designing your dream wedding, coordinating a high-end luxury event, or styling an editorial photoshoot, we take pride in providing you with the highest-quality flowers that will inspire your vision, ignite creativity, and empower you to create a once-in-a-lifetime experience. For flower lovers who want frequent fresh, beautiful arrangements, we offer weekly straight-from-the-farm bundles on an opt-in subscription basis through The Flower Fix.

Planting Seeds

The seed for FiftyFlowers was planted during founder and CEO Liza Roeser’s Peace Corps assignment in Ecuador—one of the world’s largest exporters of cut flowers—in the mid 1990s. Inspired by her environment, Liza saw an opportunity to disrupt the traditional chain of distribution in the flower industry and export directly from farm to consumer.

She invested $4,000 of her peace corps savings bonds, secured partnerships with their first flower farms in Ecuador, and started her first business, Farm Exports, selling wholesale flowers to importers and wholesalers around the globe.

Five years later, Liza launched FiftyFlowers, a major disruptor to the industry with its pioneering method of shipping farm-fresh flowers direct to consumers.

What started as a single-employee company servicing the DIY Bride has blossomed into a multi-national, 50+ team-member wholesale flower distribution company that provides fresh, high-quality flowers to DIY brides as well as to high-end luxury events, editorial photoshoots, corporate clients, and—through the subscription-based service The Flower Fix—the everyday flower lover.


Our Farms

FiftyFlowers sources flowers from a network of more than 200 farms around the world, from the United States to Ecuador, Holland to New Zealand, and Kenya and beyond.

It is through our strong partnerships with these beautiful farms that we can offer our clients unique varieties of flowers throughout the year—from exotic tropical breeds to peonies in the winter—according to their wildest, most creative visions.


Meet our team

The culture at FiftyFlowers is shaped by a commitment to the spirit of entrepreneurship. We strive to create an environment where big, bold ideas can flourish, creativity can bloom, problem solving is dynamic and out-of-the-box, vulnerability is considered a strength, and strong relationships are cultivated.

We work hard and have fun. Through regular team bonding activities like mindful meditation and salsa classes in Quito and bike bars and hiking in Boise, we create an atmosphere that encourages each team member to bring their whole self to work.

Liza Roeser
CEO & Founder
Josh Brouse
Alejandra Ruiz
David McCauley
Chief of Business Development
Cristina C.
Customer Service Representative
Prisci Caizapanta
Farm Exports Buyer
Rosa Campaña
Micaela C.
Customer Service Representative
Leo D.
Wendy Fiallos
QA Tester
Pedro Flores
Paul Gonzaga
Shipping Analyst
Kmani G.
Customer Service Representative
Johanna Guevara
Shipping Assistant
Mariah Hebbeln
Marketing Associate
Chantal Hieb
Senior SEO and SEM Specialist
Diego Jimenez
Accounting Supervisor
Erin Johansen
Marketing Director
Lauren Johnson
Acquisitions Manager & Sales
Christian Landivar
Development Supervisor
Tesa L.
Customer Service Representative
Dani M.
Customer Service Representative
Tamia Mayorga
Product Sourcing Specialist
Christian Maza
Accounting Assistant
Cooper M.
Celine M.
Customer Service Manager
Daisy O.
Customer Service Manager
Jasmine Payment
Product Sourcing Specialist
Cynthia P.
Customer Service Representative
Kendra Peterson
Product & Marketing Associate
Jennifer Roeser
Chief of Staff
Bertha Salas
Product Sourcing Specialist
Lauren Stark
Sales Supervisor
Don Stefani
Paul Tarantino
Product Owner
Magaly Yánez
Accounting Senior Supervisor
Angie Yépez
Product Sourcing Specialist
FiftyFlowers Super Hero

Join our team

Senior Software Developer is a progressive, well established startup based in Boise, Idaho. We eliminate the middleman by shipping flowers directly from the farm.

As a senior software developer at FiftyFlowers, you'll work closely with a small team of software developers to build, customize and integrate new e-commerce software applications for our company and subsidiaries. You'll be at the forefront of innovation in online marketplaces, making the shopping experience easier and more pleasurable for our customers and improving our sales numbers in the process. The job will also include updating existing systems and integrating improvements to work on the user interfaces already in operation. As a senior developer, you'll gain valuable management experience delegating responsibilities to the rest of your team and reviewing the work of junior developers. If you're a creative problem-solver with the technological skills to make your vision a reality, apply today.