Paula Deen Holiday Special 2014

Order flowers ahead of time to be delivered to your destination the day you arrive. A mix of white flowers, like these from, is always a safe choice and works well with the natural greenery that you’ll find this time of year.

DIY Weddings Magazine Summer 2013

Winter 2013 – Winter reds take over with 3 DIY bouquets by FiftyFlowers.

Pardes Magazine October 2013

Flowers from FiftyFlowers are used to decorate a Diwali celebration.

Bridal Guide May/June 2013

Amy, Kristy, family and friends DIYed bouquets and centerpieces with blooms from Bella Umbrella parasols.

DIY Weddings Magazine Summer 2012

This Summer issue features 3 DIY Wedding Bouquets by!

Brides October, 2011

"A mix of punchy and placid hues makes these elegant arrangements of campanulas, peonies, and dahlias feel fresh." Flowers throughout,

A beautiful 8 page spread filled with DIY strategies, florist know-how, tips and tricks, and gorgeous flowers.

BRIDES April, 2011

To make this cone, make a a two-sided copy of a map, cut it into an eight-inch square, then roll it into shape. Fasten with double-sided tape. Petals,

Southern Weddings Fall, 2009

"DESIGN TAKEAWAY- ... arranging flowers yourself can be a great money-saver. For this shoot, we ordered a variety of monochromatic blooms from the wonderful Keep things simple for yourself by ordering just one type of color of flower and make shure to leave plenty of time for processing once the flowers arrive on your doorstep a few days betode the wedding."

Mingle Holiday 2014 provided us with an eclectic winter mix of blooms to include: Scabiosa pods, White Amaryllis, Dusty Miller, Hanging Amaranthus, and Silver Brunia.

Country Living December 2013 / January 2014

Instead of single-note pine, this intricate FiftyFlowers garland incorporates fresh asparagus ferns and evergreen shrubs.

DIY Weddings Magazine Fall 2013

Fall 2013 – Feast your eyes on 3 DIY wedding bouquets for Fall by

DIY Weddings Magazine Spring 2013

Spring 2013 – It's all about texture with these 3 DIY wedding bouquets from

Celebrate Magazine Summer 2012

Movie Night - "Invite your neighbors over for a summer night movie party!" And don't forget the flowers from

The New York Times Style Magazine October, 2011

Melanie's World, "A flower addict, she buys piano garden roses from"

BRIDES January, 2011

"Packaging - To prevent the flowers from being crushed, the box was reinforced with wooden rods. The rose heads were enclosed in cardboard for additional cushioning, and each entire flower was wrapped in cellophane."

Several wonderful arrangements made with flowers from

BRIDES March/April 2009

"SITES FOR STEMS – Wedding coordinators (and brides!) use this site for bulk flowers shipped directly from the growers by overnight express; you can order "Made for You" packages of arrangements and bouquets in your colors"

Celebrate Magazine Spring 2014

Set a table outside adorned with beautiful blooms that capture nature's glory. Gardenias, lily of the valley, and stock are stunning against greenery that fills a spring garden. Florists like are great places to purchase lovely blossoms."

The Wedding Connection December 2013 / January 2014

There have been a lot of companies recently that specialize in shipping flowers directly to brides from Farms. (Our fav? Companies like allow a DIY Bride to successfully accomplish her dream bouquet! Here's some easy step by step foolproof instructions...

The Knot Summer 2013

"The Biggest Wedding Budget Myths" The CEO of FiftyFlowers, Liza Roeser Atwood, is quoted de-bunking the seasonal savings on flowers myth. "It's true that flowers that are in-season and available locally will generally be more cost-effective than importing that same variety," says Liza Roeser Atwood of "However," she adds (and this is where the myth part comes in), "some varieties are grown year-round on commercial flower farms near the equator, so their costs don't fluctuate. One could say that those flowers are never out-of-season."

Celebrate Magazine Spring 2013

"Welcome Spring by spending time among beautiful blooms while learning the basics of putting together a gorgeous arrangement." Flowers provided by!

Minnesota Bride Spring/Summer 2012

Starry Night - Soft Pink and Chalkboard Black Set the Stage for an Edgy yet Romantic Wedding Day. All Flowers provided by

GetMarried Summer, 2011

Black Swan or White Swan? "Black-purple Carnations, white Peruvian lilies, baby's breath by"

BRIDES December, 2010

Petals by

Destination I Do Spring 2014

The flowers were purchased at and the bouquets were created by Lily Greenthumb’s Wedding   Event Design.

Savannah Magazine November / December 2013

“Life is a performance,” she explains, “and every wedding or gathering has a story to tell. Both theater and event design require calm energy and a resourceful mind.”... {remarks the designer and founder of French Knot Studios.}

DIY Weddings Magazine Summer 2013

Summer 2013 – Peonies, Freesia and Hydrangeas… 3 DIY bouquets perfect for Summer!

DIY Weddings Magazine Fall 2012

Fabulous Fall Wedding Flowers from This Fall issue features 3 DIY Wedding Bouquets by and a wonderful Real DIY Wedding Story! See how a DIY Bride made her flower dreams a reality in this DIY story.

DIY Weddings Magazine Spring 2012

"Wedding colors are the unifying feature for every detail of your day. And flowers can be just the secret to choosing your colors and distinguishing your wedding day."

This issue features 3 DIY Wedding Bouquets by FiftyFlowers, plus an interview with Liza Roeser Atwood, the CEO of FiftyFlowers, entitled, "5 Ways to Let Flowers Inspire Your Wedding Colors."

BRIDES May, 2011

" - There's a mind-blowing variety of flower options here (50,000 choices). You can search by color, season and bloom type. And the prices. Amazing."

GetMarried Fall, 2009

"Star of Bethlehem bouquet – Like they were just picked from a fresh green garden!"

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Chapter 2 is decidated to FiftyFlowers's founder, Liza Roeser Atwood

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